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Chapter 8: Gift From the Heart


I ended up purchasing a few shirts from Hot Topic before Stefani met us back at the store, "I'm back!" she shouted walking to us before a small crowd of people surrounded with cameras and autograph books. We quickly pushed our way out of the crowd and decided to leave the mall and just head back to the hotel to chill. When we got to the hotel we quickly made our way back to the room to avoid the paparazzi, "I think I'm going to go for a quick run, you girls play nice while I'm gone!" Luc said slipping his running shoes on and heading out the door. Stefani laid down on the bed and gave me a dirty grin patting the spot next to her again just like the night before. I laid down with her and gave her a nice, passionate, kiss before she stood up and pulled a box out of her purse, "I didn't go pee at the mall today.." she said handing me the little box. I opened the box and my jaw dropped, she bought me the necklace that I admired at the jewelry store, "Wow.. I don't know what to say.. nobody has ever gotten me something like this before.." I said still in awe looking at the beautiful necklace. "It was a gift from the heart." she said snuggling close to me and giving me a kiss. I rolled over and pulled her on top of me nose to nose. I blushed and smiled really big before giving her a nice kiss to completely set the mood, "How long does Luc usually go for runs?" I asked brushing her hair from her eyes, "When he's in a new place he usually goes for about an hour.." was all she could get out before I started making out with her knowing there was plenty of time to thank her for the present. She immediately got up with a dirty grin on her face and started to take her clothes off. "Get your clothes of Nicole." she said maintaining the same dirty, kinky, grin as I quickly took my clothes off and got tackled onto the bed, "Oooh you are a sex lioness.." I said before giving her a french kiss, "Purr.." she replied before biting my neck and moving lower until she got to my pussy and started eating it out more viciously than last night, "Oh yeah!! Keep sucking!!" I shouted as she still licked and sucked. A few minutes in she quickly inserted 2 fingers and kept licking on my clit, "Oh my god yes!!" I moaned in pleasure as I felt the wonderful double stimulation take over my body. I moaned louder as I felt the sensitivity kicking in, "I'm cumming!" I shouted as I let out a much louder moan as the load blew all over her fingers. She stood up and licked the cum off of her fingers in a slow sexy manner before getting back on the bed waiting for her fuck. I rolled over and put my mouth on one of her tits and began sucking on her soft, beautiful nipples. She moaned  as I moved up to give her neck a bite, "Be careful I don't want a hickey!" she moaned as I quickly made my way downward to the spot. I quickly stuck 2 fingers into her pussy and licked on her clit to give her double stimulation like she gave me. "Oh my god!!" she moaned loudly in pleasure as I kept making my moves on her amazing pussy. "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck I'm already gonna cum!" she moaned before letting out a really loud moan, "I'm cumming!" she shouted catching her breath moaning as a huge wet load squirt out all over my fingers. I did the same as she did and licked the cum from my fingers in a slow sexy fashion and laid back on the bed, "I think we should get out clothes back on and take a nice nap while doorknob is still gone.." I said looking over at Stefani exhausted, "Heh.. doorknob..." she laughed as she stood up to put her outfit back on and I got my clothing back on before cuddling up with her and going to sleep. Her and I were woken up a short while later to a door opening and Luc sweatily walking into the room, "Hey baby.." he said waling over to the bed and giving her a nice kiss, "Hey.." she said half asleep sitting up, "Sorry we both were tired from the walk and there's only one bed." I said half asleep sitting up. "It's fine." Luc replied giving me a small obvious glare again knowing that I was probably lying. "Ready to go home Nicole?" Stefani asked looking exhausted from our sexual encounter earlier, "Yeah.. I'm really tired still.." I replied with a yawn standing up to grab my purse. "Ok let me call the driver, do you mind if I go with her babe?" she replied asking Luc, "Nah that's fine you won't be seeing her for a while after that!" he replied giving me a rude grin knowing that it'd be months before I'd see her again. We took the elevator to the lobby and got into the fancy Porche again to get me home. I was hoping the drive would take forever, but we pulled into the parking lot of my apartment complex with all due speed. We gave each other one last kiss goodbye before I got out of the car, "Promise to talk on the phone every night?" Stefani asked looking sad that we were going to be apart for several months, "Promise." I replied with a grin almost ready to tear up getting out of the car.

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Comment by Nicole on May 22, 2011 at 10:32am
If you are going to read on, I must urge you that Ch. 9 is sexual, so if you are under 18 or just plain immature, do not read ahead to the next chapter.

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