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Chapter 10: New Home, New Life


Spending most of the night with my mom packing my things, tomorrow morning I had a flight to NYC to catch. "Make sure to ONLY pack what you will use at the apartment." my mom said bringing in a large rolling suitcase for the clothes I was bringing with me. "Well she told me to only pack my clothes, my computers, and the things I sleep with. Also, Luc is coming with a small moving van to take the computers and things other than clothes so we don't have to spend as much money on baggage for the flight." I replied. Before I went to bed that night I got a text from Stefani, "What's your favorite color sweetie? :)" it said. "My favorite color is purple, why?" I replied curiously, "Oh, just asking.. ;) Go to sleep little peanut I'll see you tomorrow!" she replied. I knew something was up just from the winkie face, but I contained my excitement, "Alright baby, night! I love you!" I replied before laying down to sleep. After almost being unable to fall asleep from excitement, my phone rang at 5:30 that morning. "Hey Nicole it's Luc, I'm here with to help you pack your things." a tired sounding Luc said on the other line, "Oh morning Luc, come to the door I'll let you in here in a second." I said before hanging up the phone and heading out to let him in. When he came into my room and saw the small pile of things he needed to pack he laughed, "Looks like I'm glad I never ordered a moving van, I figured when Stef told you the small list of crap to bring that I could just use the backseat or trunk of my car." he said picking up the small box that had my laptops and my iHome. I followed him out to the car to help open the car door for him to put the box in, "See you in New York later Nicole!" he said getting in his car and pulling out. I went back inside to rest for a few more hours, my flight was at noon so I said plenty of time to sleep some more before having to head out on to catch my flight. I woke up at 10:00 to start getting ready, I quickly ate a good breakfast, slipped in the shower, and got dressed. It was 11:00 when I finished packing the smaller bag with the little things I wanted to bring on the plane with me to keep me busy. My mom and I got to the airport at 11:30 which was perfect timing because it took close to a half hour to get scanned and patted down several times by security before actually being let onto my flight. The flight was the most boring 3 hours of my life, thank god for having my iPod with me to drown out the crying babies behind me. I got off of the flight and grabbed my suitcase, not sure what to expect I walked around the airport for a bit until I saw a limo driver holding up a sign that said "Nicole" in big purple letters. I quickly made my way over to the driver, he smiled and took my bags to put them in the trunk before opening the door to let me in. I remember Stefani telling me I was getting a limo because so many taxi cabs come through the complex that it would be hard to tell which one was me so I sat in the back excited to see some of the city and to finally be brought to my (hopefully) future girlfriend. The limo pulled into the complex 20 minutes later and I immediately saw Stefani running out of the building with a big smile on her face, Luc behind her at the porch watching intently. We ran up to each other and hugged after not seeing each other for over 5 months, "Oh my god I missed you so much!" I said almost in tears as we hugged, "I've missed you too!" she replied as she released her hug, "Come on and see your new apartment!" she shouted with an excited grin grabbing my hand and quickly pulling me up the stairs of the porch and up the stairs to the apartment. Luc came upstairs after we did standing in front of the door, "Ready to see your new home Nicole? Luc and I got everything all set up before he came to get your stuff.." Stefani said with a big excite grin, "Yes yes yes!!" I shouted excitedly in reply. Stefani unlocked and opened the door and there was the suprize, lots and lots of purple. Right when I walked in I could smell paint and carpet, which aren't so pleasant to me but it will go away soon. When I looked around I was amazed at all of the purple, purple carpet, purple walls, the couches and chairs in the living room were purple, just everything. "Wow... I don't even know what to say.." I said looking around the living room amazed, "That's not the best part!" Stefani shouted grabbing my hand again and walking me to the bedroom, "Open the door." she said excitedly, "Alright." I replied as I opened the door. My jaw dropped when I saw my bedroom, there was a killer sound system, a memory foam mattress, a table with a new purple glass bong on it, and best of all, an iMac on a brand new computer desk waiting to be set up. "Wow.." was all I could get out as I stared wide-eyed at everything, "This is amazing, I don't even know what to say.." I said rubbing my eyes to see if I was dreaming, "Well it's my way of saying thanks for  taking on the job.." she replied putting her arm around me looking at everything too. "Flat screen's here!" Luc shouted lifting it into the living room to put it in the empty space made for it and getting it set up. Luc, Stefani, and I sat down on one of the new couches to relax and watch some TV for a little, "It's going to be so fun having you nearby Nicole! Oh! You get to meet my parents tomorrow!" Stefani said looking over with a grin on her face, "Oh... really? Great!" I replied, not really great at all. I never became more nervous in my life hearing that I'd be meeting her parents, if they don't like me I won't get the job. "I think we should let Nicole get comfortable and set things up in her new place Stef." Luc said with a kind of jealous look on his face, "Well I guess we could..." Stefani replied as Luc grabbed her hand and started walking her out, "My parents and I will be over here in the morning, don't make too much of a mess!" she shouted over the door slammed shut. As I heard them leaving I heard Stefani say "What the hell's wrong with you?" arguing with Luc as they headed downstairs and out of the building, he knows.

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