Hm...well...ever gone on a "break" with your daydreaming? If that would be a correct term for it anyway...I remember when I was younger my mind stopped daydreaming for about one or two months but of course that didn't last...I ended up back in the same pace of daydreaming after that. Thinking about it now though got me wandering if it ever happened to anyone else before. Have you ever had a period when your mind just went blank? Or well, stopped daydreaming? Even for just a day, maybe a few hours? Just completely...stopped? I'm kind of referring to those "non-stop always DDing in the background" types of you...if that makes any sense that is. I know that usually I always have had a daydream going in the background whether I was really concentrating on it or I guess that's what I mean? I'm sorry, I'm really not too good at explaining myself haha...I guess the question is: Have you ever just CLICKED out of daydreaming for no apparent reason for a certain period of time?


At least

I think that's what I'm asking....



Oh and er...I guess I might as well mention that recently I am able to break from my daydreaming for a....few minutes at a time. Yay! It's a start at least...eheheheh....

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Comment by Rachel on December 2, 2012 at 10:25am

Whenever I get distracted by something in the real world (e.g. conversations, writing a story) then I sometimes completely stop daydreaming for a minute or a few minutes but that's pretty much it. And that doesn't happen very often, maybe once a month or once every two months. Besides that, I'm ALWAYS daydreaming.

Comment by LJ on November 28, 2012 at 10:39pm

Yeah, sometimes I take a break without doing it on purpose.  Usually when life is going ok for awhile.  Once drama hits, then the day dreaming starts.  Depending on the situation it can be just a little here and there then lead up to all day marathons. 

Comment by greyartist on November 28, 2012 at 5:03pm

well, not that it just happened, not like just clicked. But with great effort by focusing very intently on a research project, I was able to stop for 4 hours. Every time I would start to lapse I would refocus myself on the research  saying, sometimes out load, the things I was going to look up or write down. Whatever it took to get my mind back to the project. I was so mentally exhausted after the 4 hrs, I just gave up. No more strength to refocus. And the DD came back.

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