is this not the sweetness you crave?

your heart's desire?

solitude from reality?

no. it is bitterness to me

the bitterness grows in the marrow, 

the poison flows through my veins,

my life is fading

drained by the bitterness in me

I weep, I cry out. 

there is no where to run 

no where to hid

for the monster is in me

I am but a shell

all that I was is gone

I disappear as it grows

it feeds on me

I am left with no hope

like the parasite's host 

losing my humanity

no one can save me

am I addicted to it's embrace?

no. I was caught as a bird in a snare

it's claws pierce my soul

this is the end for me

I beg and pray

there is no hope in man

no magic pill

Only God can save me

But He is silent

He does not reply

I bear this burden alone

hidden from those around me

people I see each day

those who think they know me

have no clue they are watching me die

all is bitterness to me

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Comment by greyartist on December 23, 2012 at 4:59am


Comment by KwanKwan on December 21, 2012 at 3:31pm

really love this poem. best i've read on this site. Keep writing!!

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