Baby Steps and then Whoosh. Leaping without even a thought.

It just popped out of my mouth. As if I was telling her that I was a Gemini and liked long walks on the beach. I mean ...boom. "Yeah, I have Maladaptive Day Dreaming disorder." Like it was nothing. 2nd person I've ever told and I hardly know her.

I had a kid play date with another "crunchy" mom. I cloth diaper and blah blah. Kind of hippie here. Met her through a local mutual interest group on Facebook. She added me and we hit it off. So many similar interests. Both hate being stationed here in Maryland. Hate the DC area. Blah blah. I came to her house today to let our kids play. I usually hate to leave my house or be social and I lost sleep last night stressing about being social this morning. But found it was all for no good reason.

It was very nice. She is quirky. Has many "issues" herself. Has an older daughter who has ADHD among other issues. I mean - I felt completely "at home" there. Hah!

So, it just naturally popped out after discussing some of our lovely labels and our family's disorders (genetic link discussion). She nodded and we moved on. It just came out and then moved on. Nothing huge. She didn't ask what it all detailed. She just understood that I day dream a LOT and without a lot of self -control. That for me it's cyclic. Frequency having to do with moods and triggers. She has issues herself also based on moods and triggers. Cyclic.

I could go on. It was kind of a big deal to just tell the 2nd person ever that. The first being my husband though I didn't really go into detail with him much less tell him much detail about what it means and what exactly I do. He's not the type to go google or even remember MDD or what that stands for - so it felt kind of a cop out telling him what little I do.

But that is what I kind of need at this point. To be able to tell people fearlessly when appropriate or on topic and not make a HUGE deal out of it. Moreover, THEY not making a deal out of it.

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