I'm on a roll with blogging today.

Perhaps, it was motivated by the experience I had today. Not only forcing myself to be social and get out and it ending up being one of those RARE positive experiences for me - but also being so off the cuff about MDD... but also perhaps, it was due to pent up frustration from having the lack of privacy at home to DD...but I was motivated to write another huge scene of my DD.

When I was into writing and calling myself a writer ...trying to make something constructive out of DD's which I thought were the work of an over obsessed and imaginative writer's mind and not actually a disorder or compulsion... I joined a writer's site called Forward Motion. It was started by a Fantasy Writer named Holly. I forgot her last name but on this site was helpful guides and a forum. I met many people there and actually got a lot out of it. I learned quite a bit about writing. I did begin many stories. Stories that came from my DD's. But I could never finish anything because I got little out of putting it down. It was better just to be inside my head. Writing it all down was just too slow and frustrating.

Anyway, I digress. One of my favorite lessons from that site was "Candy Bar Scenes" as she coined them. This is a reward. It's those scenes in our heads that we just LOVE to DD. It's the ones that we get heart pounding sensations in anticipation for it. In writing scene upon scene that drives the plot and characters - we have those fun scenes that elicit all those fun exciting emotions.

I have been struggling with writing up my DD. I was writing it in order like a book. And I just got pretty bummed by much of the process of converting it into something in readable form. But finally I told myself I would write down one of my big candy bar scenes. It was therapeutic to take it slow in a typing form. Describing the expressions. The tones of voice. The movement. Coming up with better witty dialogue or improving upon. I could stop and go with interruptions in my home. Unlike with DD, I could do this and not feel like I have an audience. I'm not watched. Such as when I cannot help but speak out or make a sound effect or move my lips quietly or laugh or make an angry expression or do something expressive with my hands. I could go on - I cannot really get away with it all day now when I'm never alone! But in typing up this scene - a favorite of mine - I could still feel connected to my DD but in a more private way. And it felt really much of an accomplishment to do something constructive with it. Who knows. Perhaps, it could be a book one day. Perhaps, my story could be something others could have in their head and love as much as I do.

I think I've been approaching this all wrong before. Writing it chronologically. Perhaps, I should be writing down scenes as I feel like it and filling in the rest later? Hmmm.

Writers of DD's ..what is your method for the madness?

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Comment by David W on October 22, 2013 at 4:57pm

Yes, writing is much slower than dding!. and always gives me so much time to talk myself out of doing it! But I when I have written I find it also gives me a little more time to think about smaller "candy bar scenes" that I get excited about, details and descriptions that I feel reassure me that I can be good at this, or maybe am already!

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