So, I told my doctor about my MD and he wants to put me on Ritalin 20mg. I'm still a little spectacle to try a so called "amphetamine" Sounds scary!!! =O Supposibly its suppose to help with my "concentration and attention" since he believes the daydreaming is preventing me from functioning properly in the sense that I tend to zone out a lot, procrastinate, and not focus. 

Anybody else try this medication before? Did it actually help or will this cause me to daydream even more? 

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Comment by Annie on January 17, 2013 at 1:04pm

Thanks guys, for your feedback. =)

As an update, I did end up taking it for a week as he (my doctor) believed it may help. He started me off on a low dose of 10mg. I didn't feel more attentive or concentrated, all i felt was my heart racing like crazy! We both ended up realizing it wasn't a good choice so we discontinued it immediately. He wanted to switch me to "Adderall" because of the less side effects but, I rather stick to something maybe like coffee instead of a "amphetamine." =)

I guess going drug free is the better option, i will maybe try to find something like self help books or so on to help me organize myself better. Thank you to those who replied =)

Comment by Betty on January 11, 2013 at 5:59pm
I've never been on Ritalin but I have taken Dexidrine, which is also an amphetamine used to treat ADHD. My dr thinks I'm a bit attention deficit (doctor doesn't know about my MD and how I can really focus when daydreaming is concerned). Personally I found the medication to be a tad harsh- when I first took it I didn't sleep for days. It gave me an incredible amount of energy and drive and no appetite. I lost weight on it. I did fantasize less but I think it may be because I was so busy cleaning my house with a toothbrush. And eventually this all evens out and you don't really feel it anymore. It may be worth a try but I would start on a lower dosage if its anything like Dexidrine.

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