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Actual dreams containing daydream people

I don't really know what the aim of me writing this down is except to get it out of my head I guess.
Last night I had a dream about my daydream crush he was waiting at a bar to meet me and to begin with he was chatty and I felt nervous like a real date and then he began ignoring me and talking to other people. I felt really upset. I went to get a drink and when I went back to the table he was gone and then reappeared to tell me he was going off with his friends.
I woke up feeling in a weird upset mood.
I know it's only a dream and obviously my daydreams are not real too. But it's put me in a strange mood today and unable to daydream.
I feel like my brain is trying to tell me this is what would actually happen in real life and to stop wasting my time.
I feel weird and lost today.

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