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okay, so I don't know how much you guys know about fandom/fanfiction terms, but I'll stick definitions in at the end. And I'll also be using them a lot, sorry.

Anyway, I realised something- My story in my head is like a book series or whatever, but most people have said that. But sometimes I have a thing where, usually when I'm reading/very recently read a book, I'll sort of integrate myself into that book in my DD, not permanently,  but just do some scenes for a while and that's it. 

So I realised that it's like my fantasy world is what's canon, and then these extra scenes, they're like I've written fanfiction crossovers/AUs of my own story.

And then sometimes I have these extra scenes that, though related, aren't actually in my story. They're like I've written drabbles and one-shots, some of them AUs.

But then, I could say that what I'm calling my story, what I keep saying is canon, is actually my own fanfiction, a crossover (one that includes House of Night, Red vs Blue, an RvB fanfic, Homestuck, an HS fanfic....) AU with OCs and a completely separate plot and stuff.

It's actually kind of nice having  terms for things so if I ever want to explain my other world to people in fandoms, I can use these terms to help explain.


Canon: What's actually happening/has actually happened in the real series/movie/whatever

Fanfiction (fanfic, fic): stories people write based on a series that already exists

Drabble: A very short piece of fanfiction, not bearing any direction or plot. These are often used to make a point about the characters or an event, or to provide a different point of view.

One-shot: A fic that is one chapter long.

Crossover: A fanfiction that contains elements from two or more series

AU (Alternate Universe): A fanfiction that has a non-canonical setting. (These are, quite often, Highschool or College AUs where the canon characters are instead at highschool/college, rather than off fighting monsters or whatever)

OC (Own Character): Kind of self-explanatory, I think.

[I might add, just in case of confusion, House of Night (HoN) is a book series, Red vs Blue (RvB) is a web series and Homestuck (HS) is a web... comic-y... thing.]

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Comment by Soul Dreamer on May 30, 2013 at 11:15pm

I do this!! Haha! Except instead of putting myself in the story I'm reading, I insert one of my characters and play the story out how I think it would go with my character involved. I also do a lot of crossovers in my head as well between my stories and the stories I've read/watched.

I'm pretty sure creating fanfictions was how I started daydreaming, way back before I even knew they existed. Now I'm a bit more original :)

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