3 days of (accidentally) not daydreaming

I started therapy a week ago. I'm wondering if it has had some sort of impact on the way  I get in touch with my emotions. Or perhaps, my focus (or lack thereof) has been on different distractions. I've probably spent way more time on the internet. Although, I've done my fair share of work. It's odd. Maybe my interactions at work have really fulfilled my need for emotional validation and attention, which daydreaming usually fills. I have sort of felt this void for daydreaming, but I fill it with more internet time, it seems. :) We'll see how long this lasts. I don't want to keep transferring my coping mechanism to something else. With time and therapy, hopefully I'll be in touch with my emotions enough that I won't really want to daydream. Better yet, I will actually finish my stories for all my daydreaming scenarios and get them published!

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Comment by Queen Dopamine on May 1, 2014 at 6:52pm

Yes exactly. You end up trading one addiction for another! :) 

Comment by Emilla on May 1, 2014 at 7:26am

Great post Queen Dopamine!!!

For me it’s all about emotions. I have never learned to be with them, to allow them to surface. Always and always I was escaping into fantasizing. Its so hard to let them in when you are sad, unhappy when you feel fear. And its even harder when you had a lot of issues since childhood and a lot of unprocessed emotions from your whole life because you have never adressed them.

I even have some problems with being extremely happy, even such wonderful emotions can be overwhelming so i turn into my dd world to feel them there and having them under control:) I know it sounds weird:)

And I notice like you that when i dont dd I watch tv more often and spend more time on the internet or I eat more sweets so I have to be very careful:)

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