On Dec. 10th, it was exactly 365 days from when i was told about MDD, and discovered this community and web site. Ever since my own experience with MDD took a turn for the worse, time has always scared me. At the age of 11, i realized just how fast time goes by, and that theres no stopping it. And as a person gets older, it goes even faster. It was incredibly overwelming knowing this at such a young age. An age when a child is suppose to be having fun, and being carefree.

2013 was probably the most eventful year i have ever had in my life. Its unbelievable how fast a year can go by, and yet so much happens in between. With all of the ups and downs, and changes, i have learned to have hope. There is always hope that unexpected things do in fact happen. I thought my life was doomed to stay the same forever. And it would have, if i hadnt actaully done something different. I am so incredbily grateful for everyhting that has happend to me this year; the good and the bad.

One year ago, i thought i was the only person on the planet that was addicted to daydreaming. I was dropping out of school, i had absolutely no job experince. Was afraid of getting kicked out of my house. No frineds, and just utterly alone.

Since then, i have been employed, am currently in a relationship, moved into another home, found out there are others like me, and spent an entire 6 hours with abousoltely NO DDING! (which for me, is a hudge milestone in my life, showing me that it is possible to take conrol of my mind)

My current reality is far from ideal, but it is changing, and change is good. I just have to remember to take one step at a time, and one day at a time. Maybe in 365 more ill even be in a better situation. But right now im just happy for the one that im in.

I just wish every MDDer would remember to always have hope and never give up. If i can honestly describe how much my life has changed in a year, i truly believe that anything is possible. I hope you all do too.

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Comment by Kelly on January 4, 2014 at 11:45am

Congratulations!! I know that we don't know each other but ,it is inspiring to hear your story and know that there is hope for controlling this addiction! I myself do not suffer from MDD but my best friend does and I am hoping that this site and the feedback from people like you will help to open her eyes that things CAN and WILL get better for her!:) Thank you again for sharing and I'm praying you continue to make such wonderful progress!!

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