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I Went to the Club

I can't dance.

Never could. I f*ck up the macarena y'all. I just can't dance. I canNOT twerk; I can't stay on beat. I can body roll and just vibe in place lol, but that's about it.

I also am not great with rights and lefts. Simple addition and subtraction; I'm a calculus tutor. AND operatic soprano- great voice (if I do say so myself); bad at karaoke, like horsesh*t. Maybe one day. My point is, I think I'm like, dyslexic but for beats and cardinal directions. It…


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Guide for Older Users

Hi, my name is Elaine, I just started posting today, and just read a suggestion that made me think of one of my own.

An older user suggested basically that there should be a commonly accepted age limit to daydreaming, which would be 25. I see the logic, but I think ultimately this user just picked that number arbitrarily for the year he thought that he could've/should've turned his life around.

He was last active in 2021, and who knows if he'll ever visit…


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I mean why not.

If you want to be tumblr mutuals, shoot me a friend request.

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Do I have to call it "maladaptive"?

When I first heard the term "maladaptive daydreaming", it hit me like a freight truck. I knew exactly what it meant, but I never looked into it before now. Not on purpose or anything, I guess I was a little scared because "maladaptive"!? That sounds bad.

I mean, I get it and it's not a bad descriptor at all. But honestly, it kept me from wanting to learn what anyone else had to say about this. Because, what if the general consensus is that I fall into the "needs fixing"… Continue

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