I have been unbelievably busy (barely any time for daydreaming lol). I know there are several things I need to respond to but I'm still in the middle of things (that I can't wait to write about). So I'm just making a quick blog post to say I haven't gone anywhere : ) And I'm so excited to read what's been posted since I got so busy!

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Comment by Jessica Ballantyne on December 4, 2022 at 6:58am

Yes, to be busy suppresses daydreaming. I wish that I were busy too. I learned a lot from many years of MD, even a lifetime, that it simply got me nowhere. You can be 'someplace else' all you want. It doesn't guarantee life in reality will get easier and better along the way.

When I was your age, I was glowing with excitement about my future. I was so very complacent. I was self-convinced that my MD was telling me what I wanted to see and hear. All around me the answers were different. People were looking at me hard and making snide remarks, didn't even like me. I wasn't paying any attention. 

Now being in my mid-30's, I realized that I was full of shit. I wasn't a very clever person, making mature and wise decisions in life. I made plenty of mistakes along the way. Got screwed over a few times. Didn't start a family or made any career success. I didn't achieve my goal to travel the world and I stayed put in my hometown. Instead of living like an adult, I'm being monitored by my mom, who strongly believes I need help. 

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