Do I have to call it "maladaptive"?

When I first heard the term "maladaptive daydreaming", it hit me like a freight truck. I knew exactly what it meant, but I never looked into it before now. Not on purpose or anything, I guess I was a little scared because "maladaptive"!? That sounds bad.

I mean, I get it and it's not a bad descriptor at all. But honestly, it kept me from wanting to learn what anyone else had to say about this. Because, what if the general consensus is that I fall into the "needs fixing" category?

And do-ohohon't get me wrong. It's chronic, the daydreaming I do, and I've done it my whole life. It hasn't always been the best thing. It's embarrassing when someone walks in your room to ask why you're talking to yourself, etc etc. But it's not a disorder, at least not one I want fixing.

Daydreaming can even be useful. I spend a lot of time, I guess I'll say, like, "in the workshop", where I'm thinking about my daydreams and what to jump into next, where to pull information from my real life. Where to put someone in my heart so they aren't so heavy on my mind. Where I can bring them to life, where I can let them be forgotten.

I was hoping to be more descriptive about the actual daydreaming, but it's hard because I'm concerned. I want to write this blog to... Explain myself. I hope it helps someone suffering from daydreaming to know that I am benefitting immensely from mine. I don't think it's for everyone, and I can explain why it's just the lifestyle for me. But I think I'll write another blog, haha.

Thanks for reading :) I'm glad I found this forum.

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