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I have no other place to do this

today i started at my first job. i just had an anxiety attack and started screaming a lot. i am feeling sad and empty and confused and very very very pathetic. i don't like my chosen field and i don't remember my classes, i feel like i am falling off a cliff. i feel like i am an imposter in my own life and i can see the time when my bosses are going to realize how horrible i am. and worse: i need this job, i need to help my mom urgently because we are in a very very bad situation and i should… Continue

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if you feel like you have an open wound

ok, but have you ever read a book, or a movie, or seen a news article about some famous person, of something that happened and it hurt you like it was you? and it hurt like hell and you were devastated for weeks and not even daydreaming could make it better? i have these moments and i am going through one right now. i avoid reading/watching/knowing other things for two reasons: not to daydream about them and not to feel their pain. and i wonder if this is dissociation in its deepest form?… Continue

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Well, I’m going to identify myself as a G, because I don’t really like my name and it’s big. And sorry for the English, I’m from Brazil and have some difficulties in this language. I just wanted to ... well, say hello. I discovered this forum this week and MD a few weeks ago. Before I thought I was crazy, a freak, something unsolved. I’ve done a lot of research into any similar condition in psychology, but I don’t think I’ve expressed myself well. I do this because I understand myself…


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