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I'm constantly screaming at myself, screaming STOP screaming YOUR TO OLD FOR THIS. But no matter what I do I'm still running away to my dreams.... What do I do????? Am I to scared to face reality??? To scared to face myself? Is justification of my actions to much to handle?? I'm lost and like my childhood I escape to my imagination and dreams instead of facing life and emotion.

Added by Justin on April 11, 2017 at 7:03pm — 5 Comments

Indirect Awearness

I find myself fading into a trance of absolute disconnect, as in I almost completely vanish into my own imaginative world. In this life so full of negativity I find my daydreams a safe place that I can live in solitude completely disconnected from those around me. Most people turn to the technology surrounding us but I can't seem to do this, it is much easier to disappear into my own mind were I am always the hero of my stories or always wanted and loved by all. The problem with this is that I… Continue

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A simple trigger

What a beautiful world we live in although cursed to live such fast lives most don't get to experience such beauty.

I often fall into a simple dream of past time, before technology, where wielding a sword and a bow was life. Wondering the land in search of purpose enjoying nature for what it is. But of coarse this simple daydream begins to take on a life of its own, creating a elaborate storyline destined to play to the end. Filled with violent wars against evil, magic, heartache and love.… Continue

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