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I use my MD as a means of escape. I lie to myself, saying it really helps me but in the end I know it’s just an excuse. With each and every daydream that I have I lose another piece of myself. I use my MD as a distraction from my own feelings and emotions so I don’t have to face them. It’s so hard to even explain what I’m feeling on a normal basis and I write most things off as "whatever" and play indifferent. But it’s because I‘m not sure how I should feel…


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DD triggered after tramatic experience?



Hi, so I was wondering how many people on here started to daydream or daydream excessively after something tramatic happened to them. I know this can be a rather touchy topic, but I am honestly curious and mean no harm.


I naturally assumed my excessive daydreaming was nothing serious and later on found out it was more of a coping thing for me and my soical anxiety. I…


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I live with fictional characters in my head!!

I've been doing this since I was like 11 or 12.

It started when I started to really get into the harry potter series.

I constructed a world were I talked to the main trio + draco malfoy in the muggle world because I had been expelled and had to live as a normal muggle. And then for a period of time I even lost my memory and didn't know I was a witch.

Then the longest and my most complicated one was with the character Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist. Which…


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