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Anxiety meds help?

Hi guys!

I have MD plus (social)anxiety. It has been affecting me since always. 

Recently due to some fungal problem on my head, doctor prescribed me some meds(i lost the prescription now) , they seemed to help me afar anxiety(idk how). When I stopped taking them cause the problem was solved, anxiety came back. 

And after 3 months i have a exam which is very important to me as I am in final year of college. I really want to do well there. 

So can anyone suggest me…


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I have a question


I have a question

I have difficulty talking to people. Its not that I don't know what to speak. But I can't speak, literally. My heart rate increases and when i speak my voice shivers and i start stammering a lot. Sometimes i even start crying.

I have friends and family, with them i can talk normally. But when someone confronts me or speaks against me, or bullies me, the above mentioned things happen.

And when that incident is over, which means… Continue

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help me understand my MD

so mostly in my mds the characters are me or bollywood version of me, and all the people i know. they are just sort of watching everything that is happening. mostly they are people with whom i have recently tackled except my ex of course! like the ones i recently met or the ones i had a conversation with online. things like there...(so let me call these people plus-people, with whom i tackled lately or something happened with them )

and mostly my mds include me winning a football…


Added by someone on April 10, 2021 at 9:03pm — 5 Comments

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