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Okay so I have researched and read that is takes on average, 30 days to break a habit. Since my MDD is in the stage of doing it out of habit. I have started this no MDD challenge with myself. I want to break my MDD habit by the end of October. If I don't break it, I want to at least improve on controlling it or slow down on how much I do it by at least half.


Hopefully this works and I will do an update in November to see where I' am.




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Slowly slipping away from my obbessive daydreaming...Im almost out (venting)

     For the past week, I have really been thinking about my MDD and how my desire to do it is slowly diminishing. Like, all my scenarios are old boring, repetitive, tedious and just not much fun anymore. I've been wanting to stop for awhile now but I always seems to get pulled into my daydreams anyway.Ii still get knots in my stomach if I go long hours without doing it because I'm at school or if I'm bored because of the addiction part of it. Honestly, the only reason I do it now is because…


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1.What are some of your triggers?

2.What has made you daydream for so many years? What has motivated you to keep daydreaming

and not want to stop?

3.Has daydreaming slowly become boring to you or is it now just a addiction that cant be stopped?

4.What are some methods you have tried to stop MDD and have any helped?

5. How has it interfere with your daily life?

6.How many hours a day do you day dream?

7. Are you attached to…


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