What make you daydream? TV?  Manga? Reading fictions? Music?  MP3 players and headphones? Stay too much time alone? Break the habits that make you daydream.


Someone have information or experience with drugs?  (I mean legal drugs)...  Ritalin, Vyvanse, fluvoxamine…


Planning at short term has much better results that plan at long term. If you plan stop daydreaming (or stop smoking, or whatever) during the rest of the year or the month provably you will fail. But if instead of that, you plan don’t daydream during the rest of the day, or tomorrow morning, probably you will have much more success.


Instead of try stop daydreaming at all, (to begin with, it´s impossible. Everybody daydream at least a bit.), try being progressive with your attempts. For example, try stop daydreaming during 1h per day during a week. Mark it into your agenda. “The hour without DD”. The next week try to don’t daydream during 2 hours, and so on, increasing the time you expend without daydreaming.

5. REWARD / PUNISHMENT – (Conductism )

If I do what I planned (stop daydreaming) as an reward, (I will buy X or do X). If I don’t done what I’ve planned then I… (punishment or disgusting thing)


An effective way to stop daydreaming can be write yours daydreams.  At the best, you could write a novel. At the worst, putting your thoughts into a paper, could help to stop them, or at least understand yourself better.

7.  ORGANIZAGION: GTD / To Do Lists...

One of the worst side effects of daydreaming is procrastination and the lack of organization. Build and organization method (a simple “To Do List”), a part of making us be more efficient and improve our productivity will give us a way of substitute Daydreams for another activity. Organize yourself and have your mind occupied in activities incompatibles with daydreaming.

8.  Meditation, PNL, yoga…

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Thank you for this! It was so insightful and generous of you to make this list. :) 

Number 1 is HUGE.

Thanks! This stuff is awesome! ...But number 1..... all of my hobbies are what make me daydream. Music, watching tv, reading fiction... *sigh*  Oh well, no one said controlling this thing would be easy. At least I can still draw :) Oh and that reminds me. For any drawers, I find drawing my dd characters as realistically as I can works well in a similar way as writing my daydreams does.

Thanks for all those tips - very comprehensive advice. Good to see that we have quite a lot strategies available to us to control this affliction.


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