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Let's make a playlist full of happy songs :D

If you know any happy joyfull songs, share them!

I'm gonna look into this later whene I have more time but so far I can already say

Slumber Party - Hellberg

Cake To Bake - Aarzemnieki

We Are Together - Planet of sound

Fjarlaegur - Oskar Schuster

Aguru - deadmau5

John Lennon - Dan Bull

Narcotic - Liquido

Upside Down - Jack Johnson

Rise - Dan Bull (again haha)

No Place Like Home - The Aston Shuffle

To the stars - Braken

Hoppipolla - Sigur Ros

Frame of Mind -Tristam and Braken

Hey, Soul Sister - Train (chooo choooooo! ... I am so sorry...)

These are all happy songs (or maybe frame of mind is rather emotional, idk it makes me happy) from all genres.

What happy songs do you know?

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Jess Glynne's album "I Cry When I Laugh" is AMAZING. Probably one of the most fun and happy albums I've listened to and loved with my whole heart in a while. I'm obsessed with it. This could be to do with the fact that I listened to it after I listened to the new Adele album (which is the complete opposite of "happy"), but still. I can barely listen to Jess Glynne in public because I have to resist the urge to dance and sing. It makes me that happy. 

A Boy Named Sue - Johnny Cash. Cash sings about the perils of a young man who had the most manly name of all...Sue. A classic ballad.

Fish Heads - Barnes & Barnes. Listen to this, but beware...you might never get it out of your head. You'll be singing 'Fish Heads, Fish Heads' into old age! ;)

Hmmm, I would suggest...

"Brave" , from Sara Bareilles

"Fight Song" , from Rachel Platten

"Still Into You" , from Paramore

"Mean" , from Taylor Swift

"Today Was A Fairytale" , from Taylor Swift ( again! )

"Really Don't Care" , from Demi Lovato and Cher Lloyd

Just some ideas that I have just had. As soon as I come up with some more titles, I will post them here! :D

Ooh ooh! I have some good songs!

~Monsters by Katy Sky, very pretty.

-They dont know about us One Direction

-Wings by Little Mix

-Stand By You and Better Place both by Rachel Platten

-Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sharon

-Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy.


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