I analyze many philosophical questions and in a way I find that a blessing. I have the sense that I can understand different points of view better than others because of this. Because the characters I DD about come from different backgrounds and have different personalities, I can really analyze the actions of others. Its almost like I can understand what other people (real ppl) are thinking because I know how my characters would act in a given situation and I can match that character to a person in life ( a lot of the time the characters are real people they just have characteristics I want them to have ex: Kim Kardashian but its my personality/ ideal me in her body..)

But yes, I am a very analytical thinker. Being bullied for so much of my childhood made me try and figure out why. Why do people pick on me? Why am I so different? These questions have led me to other questions about life and sociology and intentions and relationships. I often find that I am able to give advice to my friends who are in situations that I have never dealt with but somehow can completely relate to. 

I would be interested in different questions that are pondered and worked out through everyone else's DD's!!

I truly believe that this is a facet of MDD that can be tapped into and used to help understand life and emotions. :)

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I agree that this could be a very useful aspect off DD'ing.  Dream experts say that everyone in a night dream is actually expressing something of yourself.  I wonder if this is also true of day dreams.  I actually made a list of my (more & more) idealized self thru the years, complete with different names.   As well as the different romantic interests (some fleeting, some many years long.)  Have you looked at this?


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