What are your current main plots in daydream land?

I have a few recurring daydreams at the moment:


My alter ego and her wife find a lost kid, and take her in and try and find her parents. Her parents are usually either very neglectful and did not realise she was even gone, or are strange, restrictive and mean. She is in her early teens, and often finds it fun to be in our house. When her family is strange and restrictive, she enjoys doing stuff she cant do before. Usually we convince her parents to start being nicer to her.


My alter ego is planning to move house soon, so I have a lot of daydreams planning that out. Thinking of how to decorate, imagining things like helping our kids pack up their stuff, having her family help her decorate the new house, planning where to put things.


Another one is that in a few months my character will end up having her 17th child, a total surprise out of the blue, and having to quickly dig out the baby stuff from her 16th kid (who will be about 2 when he is born), and prepare for a surprise new baby to come.

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My character is currently fighting a war to save her space empire from alien invaders. Also, she is trying to find some humanoid alien children who were trapped on Earth as babies and were raised as humans (they have no clue that they're actually aliens).
Your daydreams sound very relaxing. Mine are always totally insane!

I don't really have a concrete storyline going on. It's mostly a jumble of images and "movie clips" that flash through my mind's eye when I'm doing the classic "pacing while listening to music" thing. There are a regular cast of characters, and I do "talk" to them in my head, but like I said, there's really no story going on. I wonder if anybody else daydreams like that?

That's how i day dream alexie!

Now I want to keep the 12 year old girl they found as a regular character, but my character cant adopt her because seriously, she is about to have her 17th kid and I decided no more until the oldest ones start to move out-she was very insistent with the 17th. Her cousin (who is visiting at the time when it happens) wants to adopt the girl, and the 15 year old sister that we find-she is also pregnant but at least when the new kids join the family its her fifth kid that will be a baby. Five kids under seven isn't that many-I have families with 17, about to have a 15th and 9. I don't know whether her husband will approve though, he wasn't sure about having a third, the fourth and fifth were both accidents (born 10 months apart, the first she didn't know she was pregnant with until she was just about to give birth, and the second she found out only a few weeks after having Tilly, the 4th baby because she presumed that she couldn't conceive so early after having a baby because her first four were 18-24 months apart.), and they already took in her husband's 18 year old twin sisters who had been completely neglected their whole lives by his abusive mother who is mad that her husband left her right after the girls were born. She didn't even bother to send them to school, and they can barely read or write. She is just one of those people who just wants to help everyone and cant just leave someone who needs something. As well as a person who does not know her own body well enough to recognise the signs of pregnancy, her fifth was the first she actually realised was coming until she was over halfway along and huge.


Then the other cousin is about to have her baby, her first single birth, last one was quintuplets, who are now two, and is worried she will be a bad parent to her kids because her parents were neglectful and crazy and she had to raise all of her siblings growing up in a house with a three inch thick layer of trash on the floor and no working toilet for a year.

I've had the same daydream since the first grade, I've built on it for over ten years, so it's super complex and has no holes. It's pretty bizarre, but I came up with when I was young and since I loved it so much, I just stuck with it. It's really hard to daydream about anything else. It's not about a single person, but instead it's an intricate story of the rise and fall of several civilizations. I draw everything that comes to mind and some drawings are in the photo section of this website. I have records of this "future history" up to the year "10000" I'll try to give you guys the gist of some major events, in no way is this everything, in fact what follows is less than 1% of what I've daydreamed already. Here goes nothing:

In 2015, a criminal/terrorist group uses biological warfare to destroy major governments, but their prototype was faulty and it killed literally everyone on the planet who has completely past puberty for some reason. The "disease" then mutates to protect the ends of the alleles in people's cells, thus rendering everyone biologically immortal. Struggling through this is a leader of some sort of militarized scout troop, who then leads survivors to a huge warehouse/stash of food to found a new city. This city is protected in the first winter by a massive snow wall made by snow plows to deter bandits and thieves. People wanted to elect a leader for the city, so the leader of the "scout troop" John Willows, (some sort of incarnation of me) allows people to run for the new office.

Victoria Corona wins the race against Adam Cooke, and people vote to be in office indefinitely (until things get better). So she crowns herself "Queen" of the new city, called Queensland. In the first winter, Queensland is attacked by people on motorcycles and machine guns (these people are the main antagonists and the terror group incarnate), so the Queen says she''ll leave office when those people are destroyed. Not knowing that the enemy's base is over two hundred miles away and that Queensland is on the edge of this new Empire being formed. The Empire's leader is this viscous daughter of one of the terrorists, named Heather Hoffman. A massive war is fought between this two nations etc.  

At the same time, up in Green Bay Wisconsin, over 200 miles north of the newly founded city of Queensland, a prophet starts to gain followers. Since contracting the disease, Kevin has had vivid dreams about the future, everything he experiences he has his friend write down. One dream, a figure came to him and told him to build a magnificent city on the lake, with glistening white walls and tall golden domes. He garnered a cult following since many of his "prophecies" are coming true, and in order of he said them too. This city is built and named after his new fledgling religion (Asteriskia after Asteriskism) because he choose the symbol of an asterisk * or footnote. (there's more to it than that).

Word of this religion and his book of prophecies spread around the mid-west like wild fire. People converted easier when they put it together with the bible and added his book after Revelation. There were many other people that didn't convert, or just dropped religion all together too. Once word got to Queensland, Victoria send a motorcycle envoy to meet this prophet. In the envoy was John Willows. 

After being attacked by the Hoffman Empire, (the people before) Asteriskia closed it's doors. (manly because Kevin the Great died). They lived their lives always being down, they never repaired the whole in the wall that the empire made twenty years before. In the prophecy, Asteriskia will only open it's doors to "a man from the south on two wheels, who taught the way of the sword." In 2091, John Willows did just that, while in the city he saw soldier doing their training, and he stepped in to help. They formed a new alliance with other city states, they just called themselves the "United States of America" but the flag only had the number of city states, not other land (total 5).

This newly united coalition took 100 years to topple the strongly entrenched Hoffman Empire, sometimes reverting to trench warfare. The war was the longest and most deadly yet. Cities razed to the ground, people massacred, Queensland attacked twice, and Hoffman City (Buffalo, NY) three times before the fall of the Empire could happen. All this time Victoria has remained Queen because she promised to leave office once the Empire had been dealt with. When Hoffman city falls, Heather sneaks out in a tunnel to fight again. (The Empire has spread to South and Central America much to the US's dismay.) 

Noting that I'm being very American-centric here... I know what's going on in the rest of the world when this happens too. (Europe's fall to darkness after five popes excommunicate each other and their armies try to take over the Vatican, this cycle of people claiming to be pope and killing the current pope, run Catholicism, and for that matter all religion to the ground in Europe. Leaving it battered and less populated than America. [England cuts themselves off from the rest of the world under their king]... Africa is experiencing war and starvation, prohibiting the formation of nations... Asia is under joint China-Russian communist control, and Australia is a nuclear wasteland...)

From the start, there is this direct democracy, called the FreeState of Kennedy, which was based out of this junior high school in one of Chicago's suburbs. They were formed from people who were late showing up to John Willow's march to the warehouse and decided to stay at the school. They started a strong family system from people that weren't necessarily related with whole extending families living in their own compounds. Keep in mind that what they are working with, when the US scavenging patrol comes back a year later, they see a totally new country, that's not uncommon to have these days, but when they approached Kennedy, the people voted to not join the United States and to be left alone. So a couple years pass and they set up borders: being a huge nation at that time, the US had massive negotiation powers, so Kennedy got to keep what was already surrounded by it's walls, but nothing else. the US did make the area 5 miles around the newly recognized country of the FreeState of Kennedy into a forest preserve. The houses in the neighborhoods in that forest preserve had to be taken down and used for scrap. Only two remained, Nick Woodman's house as a forester lodge and official part of the FSK, and the childhood home of John Willows. Trees were planted, these people were massive "hippies" the loved nature as much as God, and they Incorporated that into their christian sect. After being razed to the ground in an Empire attack, the FSK was rebuilt magnificently with their favorite colors Gold and Maroon for the brick walls, buildings, and streets. The University of Woodclyffe was established and education for all was prized. 

Needing safer markets to get and buy goods, the FSK asked Queensland for a joint agreement to run new settlements in the US. These people and cities will be both members of the FSK and the US. Paying discounted taxes, but to both nations. This act helped spread the FSK's influence around the midwest. Fearing of an FSK overthrow, Queensland disallowed FSK to settle anymore cities, and reluctantly they agreed. Running a direct democracy on this scale was beginning to get hard anyway. After the fall of the US around 5000 AD (they went through many incarnations, civil wars, conquests... basically they sort of conquered the world, but governing such a diverse body was really hard and expensive... so it fell apart, but leaving English as a language spoken by 95% of the world) The agreement between the US and FSK states if one nation were to fall, all joint territory becomes under control of the other. So the FSK instantly became as large as Illinois.

Asteriskia cut itself off from the US and formed their own theocracy in Wisconsin (surrounded by the great wall of Wisconsin). Queensland, which has been under presidential control for over 2000 years, forms it's own small country. And then it continues...

I kind of realized that I went on a really long rant... TL;DR, my daydreams are kind of like the hunger games, and a lot of other disutopian novels. If any of you want to hear more, I can say more. What I said might be confusing without some sort of background knowledge etc... look at my pictures, it can help. So what I'm guessing that everyone else is just having some sort of Sims fantasies where they see themselves. For me, I think I kind of built a world with it's own cultures, religions, problems, and even new languages (don't get me started on that). I might just write a book. xD J.R.R. Tolkien had Maladaptive daydreaming, his wrote his entire history of middle earth in over a 40 year time span, and then wrote the books. I not near to be even close to finishing my daydream.

Comment on what you guys think!

@Richard Quest some aspects of your daydream remind me of mine. My daydream character is in charge of an empire. Her real name is the same as mine, but her "royal nickname", or official title, is Queen Abber the Great (my username is named after her). She was born on Earth but isn't human; she's part of a species of aliens that were genetically engineered by other aliens. Long story short she and her family end up setting up a huge space empire called the Oakstream Empire. They later find out that them having an empire was part of an experiment by the aliens who genetically engineered them. Those aliens wanted the Oakstream Empire to unite with several other empires, but all the empires rebelled and just did their own thing. There are a lot of wars because the Oakstream Empire has a lot of natural resources and there just so happen to be a lot of other aliens in that area of space who want those resources. There are also a lot of exploration expeditions to claim more planets for the empire. Meanwhile, my character and some of the other characters are worried that certain things are still being controlled by the aliens who genetically engineered them. (It's all kind of confusing.)


That's really cool! I want to see some of your drawings! It sounds like book I would read!

@daydream believer: I have tried several times to write a novel about it and so far I only have segmented short stories. xD I'm just too busy!

Now that sounds cool! I enjoy the fantasy/sci-fi part of the second story: my friend who also has MD has a story that's somewhat similar!

mine is about a guy who lives in a foster care system when his parents died and was abandoned by his twin brother and older brother. He later finds out that his brothers left him because they were human eating monsters and since he was the only human in the family his brothers had to leave to protect him. But after he finds out the secret about his family he begins a quest to find them.

i got alot more going on but id rather not share 

At the moment my daydream is mainly revolving around the main character dreaming of his past and rediscovering secrets he had forgotten from said past. This is due to him being one of the 'enlightened' few who have partially opened their 3rd eye.

Mostly it entails him having to reintroduce himself to his siblings he had known in his past or in other, parallel, universes, which him and his sister managed to skip around in when he was shot (due to him being a part of a fixed point in time which had to carry out in some way, hence being transported to his body in a parallel universe). This is all pretty necessary as despite the daydream being something I've worked on for coming up to 2 years now, I leave out a lot of details, so I'm kind of going back and patching it up along the way.

Other than that though the main group are trying to get away with a murder of the leader of an underground group called 'The Blindeye' which studied supernatural behaviours (past tense due to the fact the leader was arrested then released on bail, so The Blindeye has descended into anarchy). In addition to all that, it turns out the murder is a result of the main character not resisting arrest (which his sister encouraged him to do- also having 'the sight') for a murder committed by a still anonymous gang, the main antagonists. Obviously its all a little complicated haha, this part of the daydream is really focused on parallel universes and the butterfly effect, so can get a bit all over the place!

You won't understand a lot of these plots, but I'll tell it anyway.

Plot 1: Burning Planet (The Third Arrival)

Just whene the Earthlings seemed to have accepted their new home and appearance, a new wave of colonists lands on the planet. From the thirteen colossal ships Earth-civilians, soldiers, animals and AI's disembark. As to be expected, the Schepsels of Altra react violently and multiple clans attack most the vessels. Within one day two ships are completely conquered and put out of use.

One Earthling (name still lacking), who was the financial support for the entire second colonization is pleased to hear that those who went before them were killed or adapted to the monsterworld. Now he will have this world for his own! Not caring about all the deaths of civilians, he hijacks a big military hovercraft, that was included in one of the colonist-ships. He takes off, and now has the support of some soldiers and scientists that will help him understand the Burning Planet and it’s so called Schepsels.

At the same time Egernik Tranerm dies while battling two Dragons (Both lacking a name). The Scheppers (Creators) chose a new Tranerm (=means Worldknower in an alien language). Strangely enough they choose a human. This human forgets his past life and suddenly knows every single place and creature on the planet. This is very useful for the other Earthling that needs this knowledge to get what he wants. However the Tranerm seems to choose no sides.

An AI is the only surviving thing left from a colonist-ship. Now that he is disconnected from all systems and humans, he starts to think on his own. He becomes a metal schepsel, known as Aardhard.

A Lion (again, doesn’t have I name yet), who had always felt like the king of the animals on Earth, is now in the monsterworld of Altra. He needs to prove his strength to the Schepsels and he will do that by killing a dragon. He knows no fear.

The Flamehound and Niemand finally meet again after all these years.

The Aardspook comes to help the new humans. He and the new Tranerm try to stop the new war between humans and Mensmonsters.

And even more characters get created and start a new era in the history of Burning Planet.


Plot 2: Zielsvlucht (The Fourth)

Realiteit striked and Breins fingers immediately broke, leaving him powerless and unable to fight De Vierde. It’s up to Ziel and the other psychonauts to dodge the horror of the uncontrolled and run faster than ever. De Vierde’s hideous actions are deforming the content of the paracosms and there is nothing they can do but flee. On the run, again. However Ziel can feel his power grow. When this finaly ends, he will be able to fight De Vierde, and once they got rid of him, it’s time for another attempt to break. This time Realiteit will feel the chaos.


Plot 3: Varu (Runchs Nemesis)

The heroes thought they had figured it out. Varu was the protagonist, and was therefore immortal until he could defeat the antagonist. Runch was that antagonist and he as well would be indestructible until he manages to kill the hero of the story. But then something happened.

They were stuck in the jungledream for a long time and even though they knew that Runch was still out there, they enjoyed having some rest. Only Mr. Buitenaards didn’t like being inactive for all this time. He was a hero, a savior. He needed to stop the evil villains from the dreamworld, but how could he while he was here? There was only one thing he could do, lure the Runchlings to this dream with one of their own transmitters. If they attacked the dream, then the heroes could try to wear them off, steal a Runchcraft and get out of there, then the Runchlings would follow them and the jungle-people would be safe again. But this was a bad idea and Mr. Buitenaards tried not to think about it. However, one night he decided he would make the Runchlings come, and he would defeat them on his own. He was trained for this, he was made for this, he could do it. He traveled through the jungle, far from the temples were the others were sleeping, and on top of a flat rock that rose above the forests, he activated the transmitter. The yellow lights appeared. The Runchlings descended from the sky.

Some guarding jungle-people saw the lights coming down in the distance. They awoke the other heroes. Varu and the others saw how the Runchlings heading towards the rock. They race through the jungle and try to reach him. Varu runs faster and is far ahead. Mr. Buitenaards fights. Some Runchlings see Varu’s orange light, running through the jungle. They fire. Varu gets hit…

The heroes fight the Runchlings, and then other spacecrafts appear that also fight the Runchlings. They get saved by the unknown spacecrafts. These spaceships land and pirates descend from them. They are led by a man named Smooger. Mr Buitenaards knows this criminal, he is a servant from Lord Schaar, who is an evil criminal that Mr. Buitenaards has fought in the past. Mr. Buitenaards draws his weapon, but Smooger tells that he is only here for Varu. It is only then that the heroes realize that Varu is missing.

Varu is lying in the mud, in the jungle, bleeding and fighting for his life. He is confused. He was immortal, right? He was The Hero of the story! The other heroes find him, and the jungle-people manage to save him using their healing plants.

Smooger explains: Lord Schaar has been fighting Runch ever since the two met eachothers in the dark regions of dreamspace. The Runchlings are stronger than Schaars creations, but Schaar succeeded at conquering one of Runchs fleetships. In there he had found Varu’s DNA. Using his intelligence and his evil mind, Lord Schaar cloned Varu. Multiple versions of Varu, all powered by different energy, were made. However one of the Varus, “Varo”, had killed all the other Varu-clones but one (Veru, he survived but lost his arm in the fight with Varo). Veru is powered by Runch-energy (stolen happiness), and Varo is fueled by Tormenter-energy (Nightmare sickness). Lord Schaar is unable to kill these two remaining clones, that have broken lose and are damaging his fleet and his dreams. The reason why Varu was immortal was because he was the only one that could possibly defeat Runch, and Runch had to be defeated for the story to be complete. But now there are multiple Varu’s who are all powerful enough to handle Runch. Varu’s immortality is no longer needed and has disappeared. Only his strength remains, but it is now a danger to himself because he is so fragile.
There is only one way to bring Varu’s lifeforce back. They have to kill the two other Varu’s. They can’t let the other Runch-Varu and Nightmare-Varu win, because if one of them becomes the immortal hero, they won’t fight Runch since they are no enemies. And then Runch will be unstoppable.

Together with the untrustworthy Smooger, they enter the dream space and start a new adventure…


Plot 4: Lines (Interlinear Currency)

They gather, they rebuild and they sell it to the highest bidders. The owners of Linecompanies live a wealthy life that is fueled by the suffering of Timelings. Armies of Timetravelers invade other lines and take every creature and material that there is with them. Then everything gets processed, and the “Linelivers” make money.

60024 years before the birth of Christ in a storage-spacestation that is orbiting the moon, in a protected timeline, a servant of Linelivers is showing their collection of genetically crafted humanoids to a group of potential customers. After the tour the group of timetravelers arrive in a clean white room, where the payments are made. Cristal constructions hang from the sealing, the floor is made out of diamond and even the smell of the room seems to reek expensive.

“This is where the magic will happen, and you will get your products as desired.” Says the salesgirl to the costumers. “I hope you like it.”

“I like it.” Replies one customer, a man who is made out of metal. “Except for the color. It could use a bit more red.”

Portals shred the room into pieces, men with red metal skull-like masks enter the timeline that apparently isn’t protected anymore. Guns fire. Bodies drop on the ground and spill blood over the diamond floor. The salesgirl gets thrown against a wall. The one customer puts on his red mechanical mask that moves along with his facial expressions.

He is The Corpse. One of the most infamous time-criminals, the leader of the assassins that have just invaded the room. The Corpse picks the moaning salesgirl from the ground, and throws her into a portal, to a parallel timeline where The Corpse rules the earth. There she gets violently interrogated for two months, and then when the servants of the Corpse know enough, she gets killed. One of Corpse so called Rotters returns to the timeline and moment where Corps threw the salesgirl to another age. Only a second after The Corpse did that, this Rotter informs him of everything they learned in two months, just within a minute. Now they know who to catch next. They jump through timelines, catch servants of the Linelivers, gain everything they need to know within a few seconds. And they go on. Within ten minutes, The Corps and his men appear in front of the very leaders of the organization. A wealthy man, and his eight year old daughter.

“How much is a life worth? Some say it is a lot. Others say it is worth nothing. But the most filthy of beings will say: a life is worth whatever customers are willing to pay for it. Now I will ask you? How much is her life worth? How much are you willing to pay for her?”

That is what the Corpse says while the man is pinned to the ground by the Rotters, and the Corps is holding the girl close to him, with a gun pointing at her head. The man is crying and starts naming high amounts of millions and millions of interlinear coins. After every amount, the corps shakes his head. Eventually the man offers the Corpse everything he has. The Corpse shakes his head again. The daughter of the Lineliver, and the Corpse walk away, hand in hand, into a portal.

It’s an early morning, in a town where Timelings live. There a metal man with a red mask and a little girl in a white dress appear out of nothing. The metal man lets the girl go and the girl wanders off, to the fountain in the middle of the square. When she looks back, the Corpse is gone. A few minutes later the skies explodes. Colossal vehicles land and thousands of timetravelers come out. They work for Linelivers. They gather, they rebuild and they sell it to the highest bidders. They raid the town, and the other towns that are near enough. They abduct all the innocent Timelings, including a little girl that is standing by a fountain.                They captured the girl, they tortured her, even pointlessly raped her, but eventually she didn’t live long enough to be sold to the highest bidder.

“What did you do to her?!” Asks the man when the Corpse returns without his daughter.

“I didn’t do anything. But you killed her along with all the other victims of your greed.”

The Rotters, The Corpse, they disappeared. The only thing that they left behind were some bloodstains and one gun. The man crawled over the floor, to the gun. He was desperate. He couldn’t possibly know in which of the million timelines that his men had attacked, his daughter had been. He grabbed the gun, pointed the weapon at his head and pulled the trigger. But The Corpse had removed the bullet…


Plot 5: Ants & Spiders (The Border)

After Hekert died the spiders thought they had won the battle. They were right, they had won the battle. They had won the battle that started the war. While Hekerts corpse rolled of the anthill, another ant saw this and within seconds took Hekerts place. Zoon was his name. He’s not an Ikral, he’s an ant. One of Hekerts first ants.

After that battle the spiders got driven back to the other side of the stream. From that point on, a border was made between two forces. For a long time the Spiders had no idea what the ants where doing on the other side. Then Zoon’s armies started crossing the stream.

It’s up to the remaining Orns, the league of spiders and the bugs of Rik De Daas to keep the evil ants on the other side of the border. Other villians like The Angeldar and The Webkiller and new bugs start to terrorize the free side of the stream too.

And then there are some more, but these are the five most active for the last weeks.


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