Hi guys,

My name is Jessica Wooley, and I am currently studying Year 12 in Australia. I am currently in the process of completing research project, a subject where you make up a question and answer it with 50 hours of research.

The question that I am trying to answer is:

What factors cause patients suffering from Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder to be wrongly diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder?

 To answer this, I am asking you guys if you could pretty please complete the Dissociative Experiences Scale Test at http://counsellingresource.com/lib/quizzes/misc-tests/des/ and post your scores in the comments. Please!!

Thanks guys!


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The factor is that the person giving diagnosis is a blockhead. Misdiagnosing fantasy addiction as DID requires a pretty high level of stupidity. The rift between the two is way too wide for someone to confuse them.





I'm not sure about that Eretaia, I thought that when you are IN a daydream you pretty much act dissociated?

Dissociation is normal. Daydreaming is dissociation, playing video games is dissociation, reading books is dissociation and while the type of dissociation experienced in those activities may be excessive or maladaptive, it's normal in terms of type. You don't experience disruptions in consciousness, split identities and amnesia, which are grave symptoms. Comparing MD to DID is like comparing dreaming to psychosis. DID is a far more complex disorder, it's collapse of everything.


DID does sound more serious. The current research (that I'm following anyway) has mentioned MD may be linked to a Dissociative or Obsessive Compulsive sub type.


Did not expect to score so high. Huh.



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