I'm 15 and I want to be an author when I grow up. I was thinking that maybe I can write an autobiography or memoir about my life with Maladaptive Daydreaming. I was planning on writing what Maladaptive Daydreaming is as the introduction. I'm thinking about maybe calling the book "Life on Saurus" (Saurus is the main planet in my daydreams), but Saurus has only been in my daydreams for a few months. I really like that title, though. (Any other suggestions?) And where do I start? How much detail should I put in (I've had a very eventful life so far)? Should I only write about parts of my real life related to my maladaptive daydreaming? How much detail about my fantasies should I put in (there are a TON of details, and I'm sure readers will be curious about what I daydream about if I don't put any details in at all and just say I daydream)? Advice please?

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I've never reflected on my past this much before. I'm starting to realize a lot of disturbing things about my past. I almost want to stop writing, but ever since I was little I planned on writing my autobiography someday. And I need to face my past instead of trying to forget.
I've decided that maybe I'll write my real life normally and write my daydreams as free verse poems.
@jey, I've started putting together a daydream timeline so that I won't forget everything that's happened.

I already wrote down the story i had in my head. It's my favorite story in the whole world and i often go back to it and read parts of it. Write down your story, It a wonderful thing to do.

 It is the most optimistic thing in the world to hear about an MD person transforming all their creative fodder into art!!! 

Let us go forth, and spread our creative seed! Lol...I never took Bible studies class, but I'm sure there's a passage in there like that. 

The authors were probably in an MD frenzy when they wrote it too! Good luck to you , and don't shy away from detail! Imagination is our gift to the world, use it! 


I whish I could write a book about tons of my daydreams, but sadly most of them involve movie or video game plots that I insert myself in to see how my presence changes things. That's more like fan fiction than an original story, which isn't all bad. But I also tend to think faster than I write and writing so that it makes sense to other people is harder than it seems... then again, like everything else, I gotta practice more to get better at it.
Im so sorry; I ranted for so long I forgot about the advice part. My advice is both to write regularly and learn about new things as much as possible. It sounds too simple, but it worked for my older sister, so im sure everyone can benefit from it.


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