I don't know if I could get rid of my MDD or not. I would miss my characters too much. I just wish I never had it in the first place. My characters would never exist to me, and everything would be okay.

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I don't mind daydreaming at all, but I hate that it has become a replacement for reality. My imaginary friends are the only friends I've got, and I miss them dreadfully when I'm "away". When I try to stop daydreaming, reality just feels like a dream. It's scary.

But yes, I wish my MD would go away, and I have confidence that if I find the cause and the remedy, I won't need it anymore. I want to have real friends so I won't need my imaginary ones. I don't want to stop daydreaming altogether—I just don't want it to get in the way of living life.

It's okay.

RexFeral said:

Please forgive all the typos. Writing in this forum in mobile is extremely difficult.

I would not. I love my daydream characters too much to want them to be gone. Same for my daydream world itself. I just love them too much. Of course they can be a hastle at times, but I personally feel the pros outweigh the cons.

I don't think I will want to get rid of it completely. Maybe minimize it but that's it. I also think the pros outweigh the cons.

I would happily get rid of my MD if it didn't interfer with my creativity or day dreaming in general.  I find it so humilatinmg to be pacing a room or laughing to myself because of something in my head which isn't real.

If I could get rid of the shorter MDing, when little scenarios, often quite upsetting, pop into my head one after the other at an extreme pace, I most definitely would. They lead to me being anxious and paranoid, worrying about little things. However, the longer stories, that I have woven in my head for years? No way. It's a way to escape tedious everyday life.

Well, all cirumstances considered... I don't think I could ever get rid of my ability to daydream and immerse myself so completely. But I would definitely get rid of my addiction to it.
That's really my problem... being so dependent of daydreaming as a way to escape reality and relieve stress.... relieve the pain of not achieving all the things I hoped I would, being lonely, being isolated, etc.
I just wish I could find a more productive and healthy way to relieve my stress and anxiety levels... So far, the only methods that have ever helped me have been: friends, daydreaming & fantasy, video games/movies, food, cat and other various entertaining time-wasting activities. Needless to say, out of all these... I would only consider the time spent with my friends to be kind of productive and meaningful... everything else is just wasting time. Working a lot helps, but... it doesn't relieve any stress at all. :D

Anyway, thankfully I was able to come to my senses on time and have improved my condition a lot in the past few years. To compare, I can say that I don't feel the need to have characters anymore, whereas I used to have quite a few in the past... of myself, of one or two love-interests, or a few made-up enemies I always ended up humanizing in the end. Anyway, thank God I got all that out of the way... and I was also able to overcome a lot of personal problems, which I believe caused the need for me to create that "ideal" version of me. I am soooo.... so, so relieved to have gotten that out of the way, I just can't describe how much better I feel in comparison to before. I used to hate and pity myself so much.... agrh, like a huge chuck of rock has been lifted off my chest. I feel happier now, more peaceful and more real.
Anyway... I've certainly improved a lot, but I'm still very far from removing the habbit completely.
But I so would if I could. I wish I could enjoy the benefits of being such a good dreamer, without having my concentration and productivity suffer as much as it does now =(

Storytime! So today, my mother, my friend and I were in line at the AA (Automobile Association, for booking for my full) and there was a kind of long, slow-moving line, and my friend was so bored, like we talked for a bit and she ended up walking off and looking at stuff on the walls and all that and came back and walked around a bit and then sat in a chair for a bit and she was SOOO bored.

Me? I was reasonable content. Like, when she started talking to me, she pulled me out of a daydream, but besides that I was just in my own world for a lot of it. It's like, what goes on in your brain? How can you not keep yourself entertained without external stimuli?

Basically, I would get so. effing. bored.

But it would be good to have a little more control over it. I think I've actually got more than I used to.

Well my MD is locked up in my medicated mind and I'm unable to daydream at all. I never wanted it to stop and I want it back but if I stop my medications I will completely lose my mind.

I want out sooooo bad these days.  For me, it's resulted in many wasted years.  I don't have fictional characters but mine are all living breathing people that change over the years.  I know it's great for some people but not for me any more.  I only realized how bad it is for me recently.  I have many regrets unfortunately.  

What medication, if you don't mind saying, took them away??  I've been on anti depressant meds for years but I still find a way....I want to lose my MD....

Alexandra said:

Well my MD is locked up in my medicated mind and I'm unable to daydream at all. I never wanted it to stop and I want it back but if I stop my medications I will completely lose my mind.

sometimes i want rid of it like when i try to walk the dog i nearly get knocked down by car  


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