would you ever name one of your kids after one of your characters?

when i name a character, i always use a name i really like. so i have a feeling whenever i have kids ill name atleast one of the after them because all my characters names are my favourite names.

i dont know, just a random thought.

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yeah, sometimes i refuse to use a character anymore if i decide i like the name too much because i think it would feel weird naming a kid after one of my characters.

well if one of your characters was your DD kid, then it would make perfect sense to name a real life kid after that character. It would be bringing the DD to life sort of.

Most of my characters are from fictional sources and I use their real names. I don't change them even if I don't like them much sometimes. This makes them more real to me when I re-read/rewatch particular book/film. One of my characters (that I identify with) has a godson with a common, but a pretty name, so I might use that name. It is a different name in my native language so it wouldn't sound strange to me (reminding me of my DD). Then again, I don't see myself having children or being married or in relationship in the real world.

I probably won't name a kid after a main character because like Amoka said that would just feel weird to me. However, I might name a kid after a more minor character because it would feel less weird.

I have pretended to have kids of my own, so I guess I would name them the names I have imagined.

i sure would.!!!!!!!!

not much else to say except usually i choose characters already known so like them,their names etc......would love it.


I think I'll name my kids after them too. The names I give my characters usually inspire me very strongly, so it is very likely I'll give them the same names.

-Black Diamond


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