I'm getting ear surgery soon, (my 7th one on my left ear) and I won't be able to pace for about 2 weeks. I have to get a huge incision in the back of my ear, then they will lift it up, then repair a hole in my eardrum, then sew it back down. I've had this done before. The pain meds are so strong you can barely walk. Not listening to music/pacing is going to drive me INSANE! I'm worried....last time I had this done, my DDs weren't as time consuming as they are now. I'm so nervous...

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Haven't been able to pace for months and months due to living in too close a proximity to my room mates... I dd less and have much less intense ones now but I still probably procrastinate just as much, in a much more boring way. The closest I come to pacing is standing in one spot and shifting my weight between my legs while listening to music, and I think my roommate can still hear me. Though I do take advantage a bit on the rare occasion when all of my roommates are out of the house at once... xD

I hope your ear surgery goes well though *hugs*


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