the most terrifying idea that comes through my mind is that I will suffer from MDD for the rest of my life that really makes me terrified :( I want to get rid of daydreaming but the problem it is the only thing that gives me the joy and makes me happy and raise my self-esteem and confidence nothing else makes me the happiest person in the world except DD but when I truly want to get rid of it for just one day no more and the next day I feel worse.

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HI Mohamed

I understand your fear. I had many years where I tried to concentrate on what was really going on...even just for a few seconds, but I would slip into my own thoughts and disappear...or incorporate things that were going on into the world in my head. I thought it would never go away. I spent 10 years of my life in the same world with an ongoing story.

If it helps you to know...I havent slipped into that world or any other world in my head for about 5 years.

It can stop....

I don't even know if I want to get rid of it yet, but the sad things is I don't even think I'll be able to if someday I have enough and want it to stop. I feel like, bad as it gets sometimes, I NEED it. My life sucks as it is, without it would be completely empty, I'd have nothing to fill it with if the DDs are gone.


So apart from the difficulty of actually getting rid of what I consider an addiction, I really fear I'll have nothing to live for without it, hence why I can't even consider it seriously, because if I try it's like: "Oh great, sure, get rid of it. Then what? You'll have nothing!". Seriously, I depend so much on DD to get a sense of satisfaction and realization, but at the time when I crash back to really once in a while, I realize how it doesn't really make any good to my life and it makes me so sad and frustrated...


So I can relate to the OP in that DD it's mostly what gives me joy and makes me happy, hence why it's scary to think of getting rid of it

Exactly me too

I've had MD since I ca remember. It's honestly a love/hate relationship. In a way I am proud of my MD because it helps with creativity. I don't want to get rid of it because it is part of who I am. I would like to control it though. School would be so much easier if I could control MD. I space out in class and it is very difficult to complete assignments. It affects me in the work place as well. I want to take control of my life. I want to be an organized person. I wish people would take MD seriously... because it is real and it can dramatically affect your life. 

Thanks for that - very beautiful

Creative Writer said:

I have no answer to your question but I wrote a poem about it.


Adult with imaginary friends.

Any adult that still has imaginary friends

Will never know normal life or even where to begin

To explain why you’re almost 50 still playing pretend

With maladaptive daydreaming that has no end

It may be hereditary or chemical imbalance in the brain

It may be a result of abuse but not all stories are the same

I have never known life without these imaginary friends

They were with me when I was born and I guess

They’ll be with me when life ends.

No I do not believe that we need to be afflicted with MDD our whole lives. I am approaching the half century and I guess I must be one of the oldest members here. I have seen how my MDD has intensified, modified and expanded over the decades.  My reasoning is that if maladaptive day dreaming can grow it can be reversed.


However I believe it to be an addiction and we must tackle it the same way as we would tackle any other addiction. We will never be cured of it but I am confident that we can learn to manage it. For some of us, MDD may continue to intrude into our lives slightly but not sufficiently to affect our quality of life. 


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