I'm constantly fighting MDD, and the last couple of days have been hard. I found myself feeling pretty shitty while watching one of my favorite tv shows, because I realized the life the characters were having in the show was like many of my daydreams, and it reminded me of how great my life in my daydreams are. In comparison to my actually life which is so less interesting, and feels so mundane, and I don't want to be in my life. Like that might not make sense, but I don't like my real life, because it can't compare to my daydream life, and it makes me so sad to think that I might not ever like my life. I might always want to leave, and it makes me sad to think that this( my life & who I am) might not ever be enough for me, and it will continue to be difficult to be here in reality with myself.

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I am suffering the same...but i know that however shitty life is...its real..i don't wanna live my life in a dream,however better it feels its not real ..but i can't control it..i end up in my dream saving the world..when i come back, i feel like shit


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