Since joining this website, has anyone else found it to be even a trigger for MD?


Lately, I have been uncertain about whether or not I should continue to visit these forums. Although they have been very helpful and encouraging in exploring the subject of MD, I worry about how much of a potential trigger they can be for my MD. Whether it's about a daydream, or even a helpful tip.... just one look at a post on these forums and it sends me spiralling back to my daydreams. It is like there has never been a switch-off to the constantly moving wheel, which it just keeps going, going, going.


I have written a few posts off my head before to motivate myself to try curbing my MD, but it seems that MD only has often so triumphed in terms of any imagination my mind keeps having. I hope that by going away from this site for a while, I will be able to control my triggers more easily and try to do something productive for once.


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I never know when I'll run into a trigger. One day it may be a song or an outfit someone is wearing. This site hasn't been a problem source of triggers for me. It actually seems to tether me to reality because I know there are other real people who are dealing with md. I hope you can still come around enough to get the benefits of the site.

This website isnt a trigger, but I think Ive come to realize that realizing its a 'disorder' and Im not the only one has somehow made me more obstinant about stopping, like it somehow has given me less willpower to stop.  But its not the website, its just the knowledge that Im not a freak, now Im kind of more out of control than I used to be.

I think it depends on how you use this site. If you always get into exciting discussions about characters, stories, music, and whatnot, then that's probably not going to help you reduce your daydreaming. I've been doing just that for a while, and those discussions are like triggers for me. But if you spend more time on finding solutions, reading about how people are dealing with it, and receiving feedback on your own experiences, then that can be very helpful. People here are very encouraging, and this site will always be here when you need it. =D

In the long run, I consider this site to have greatly benefited me. Just connecting with other like-minded people and being introduced to Cynthia's study has already changed my life for the better.

I think it is also a bit of a trigger for me, but connecting with other people who have the same difficulties as I puts me in a much better mood. That is a great thing for me, because the smallest things will put me ina terrible mood (when I am in one of these moods, I can't even go to school) that can last for a week.


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