Which one? Manage your DDs so they don't rule your life? Or stop completely?

I wander about this a lot.
Should try and control our DDs or should we just STOP.
Some people say its healthy to DD, but not to take it to the extreme.
We do. We have Maladaptive Daydreams Disorder, it's a problem.
But since we are kinda addicts for loss of a better word, should we learn to not daydream or should we manage it?

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Personally, I managed my MD so that it doesn't rule my life. But to REALLY manage doing this, I had to decide that I will choose real life over MD and stop it completely, in case I can't manage it eventually. If you are afraid to lose your MD, then it will rule over you. At least that's what I've seen from my experience.

I think we should be just trying to control it. One of my friends has her own fantasy world, but she's not addicted to it, it doesn't effect her negatively or anything, in fact, it help her creativity. So she's got it 'under control' and has all her life, and I see no way it could be bad for her.

For most of us, on the other hand, the problem is that it's out of control. If we get it under control, it can't really do anything bad for us.... But that's kinda hard to do. And if someone wants to try to stop completely, that's their choice too, and I wish them luck.

I don't think it possible to stop DDing completely anymore than it's possible to stop eating or sleeping completely. EVERYONE DD's to some extent so the problem for MDD's is trying to find where that critical line between ordinary DD's and MDD is for us.  I can usually manage mine fairly well, although in times of heightened stress it's more difficult. I have also found that as I get older it's gets easier to manage, just as I've learned to manage my ADD.

in my research I read that you can NOT stop DDing altogether.  They theorize that it is a safety device, so we can never give complete attention to any activity, so not to leave us open to attack. A primitive programming from when we had to worry about animal attacks. We still need to have parts of our minds active at all times so not to walk into traffic or such.  Kind of like leaving a car idling so we can drive off quickly if needed. So control is the best we can hope for.

I don't think I can stop DD forever, but I believe I can manage it so that it doesn't control my life.


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