Just wondering, I know that mine started silently but I could guess that it was when I was about 8. It was probably because of how antisocial I was...

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i was about 4 or 5 when i started but when i was like really young i used to DD during the whole day but now im 14 and  i only DD when im in bed and sometimes at school when im bored 


I was 11.

As long as I can remember.

I started daydreaming at about 8 and I don't know why but I always try to look at what was happening when I started to see if I can figure out why. 

I couldn't remember a time I wasn't daydreaming.

I've been daydreaming since I was a kid but it became MD I guess when I was 9 (.that's when I was employing it as a defense mechanism.)and became seriously aware of it when I was 12.

When I was little I had an extremely active and powerful imagination and "played pretend". I think it really became maladaptive daydreaming when I was 8. From the time I was 6 until just before I turned 14 my life was pretty horrible (in a nutshell, extreme loneliness, pretty serious bullying, and everyone always thinking of me as "the weird kid", not to mention my home situation was not exactly what you would call normal (not abusive or anything, just...weird, and the older I get the weirder it seems)). When I was 8 I created an imaginary world where I had a pretty stereotypical childhood (school friends, grandparents, treehouse in the backyard).

i was 9 and on a long car ride. i came up with a set of characters out of boredom and from then on, i couldn't stop thinking about them. 

All my life. I have a memory of the very first movie I ever saw when I was very young, later I found out that it was actually my day dream. 

As early as I can remember probably 3 or 4 .

mine has been there since I was around 4-6 but that was very mild and didn't really impact my life.
But last summer while coming back from class I decided to listen to some music and since then it has grown into an insane addiction that doesn't allow me to sit and study for more than 20 minutes.


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