I'm curious. I'm a Pisces and everywhere says that Pisces daydream too much, it's our nature.  So I want to see if there are more people from pisces than the other signs here.

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Cancer. Cancers are supposed to be overly sensitive and very emotional. I know that decribes me. That caused me to become shy, and later socially phobic, which I've dealt with, (or avoided dealing with), through MD.

I wonder if there are zodiac trends with Maladaptive Daydreamers. Good question.
I'm an Aries but I only seem to possess the negative traits lol. Some horoscopes put me on the cusp of an Aries/Taurus. Which I find interesting, it seems the stars couldn't even decide what I should be :)

gemini, we have two sides to our personality....I took it a step further and  have two different realities

I'm a Cancer(June 25th). However, this thread compelled me to look up some horoscope things for the Gemini-Cancer Cusp, because I just realized I was on the cusp and I found this: "lesson to be learned by Gemini/Cancer natives is that they need to curb any tendency toward excitability and overindulgence in diversions"--BAM that's totally me with my day dreaming, jobs, and interests I have.

Here is some more things if anyone else is Gemini-Cancer: Possess the flighty and energetic traits inherent in Gemini, Possess the deep feeling inherent in Cancer, Often categorized as inspired individuals, Intensely devoted to loved ones, Find it difficult to keep an eye on the desired goal, Prone to drift, and Apt to repress feelings.

I prefer the Chinese zodiac where I would be a monkey, although I find that it's not entirely accurate but more so than my zodiac sign which is Scorpio. I can't really remember the traits of a Scorpio but I remember reading they are meant to be secretive which fits pretty well. Still I don't really believe in horoscopes and the like. 


I posted a discussion like this. XD  Anyways I'm a Scorpio. I'm not really huge on believing zodiac signs I find it intresting though. Ironically Scorpio fits me unusually well with the traits.

I'm another cancer.  My birthday is July 3rd, right in the middle of it.  The traits fit me very well.  Has anyone read Sylvia Browne's astrology book?  It's AWESOME.  It'll make you laugh at yourself.  

An Aries, on the Aries/Taurus cusp.

It might be Water signs (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) rather than just Pisces.  Yes, I know I don't fit.  In truth I have not one single point, or planet in any Water sign.  I do have an 'afflicted' Neptune though, the planet of dreams and delusions.

I'm a Virgo and supposedly Virgos can become very stressed when their life isn't "perfect." I think that's what triggers my daydreaming because my life is far from perfect. (I love Astrology by the way. I have like 30 books on the subject.)

I am right on the line between being a Thunder Monkey and a Drunken Wombat.

I'm a Libra. Being a Libra is all about "balance". 


I just learned about MD yesterday. After some introspection, I realized that I can balance my MD with my real life so well, I'm questionning, is MD a bad thing to have? 


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