Im sorry, I just love love LOVE hearing about everybody elses daydreams. Everybody on here is so interesting and creative! I just want a little insight about whats going on in everybodies wild minds. If your uncomfortable about this or if your daydreams are more privates then i totally understand. Thanks for sharing :)

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I'm in between at the moment. I get very fidgety during this time. Can't focus my mind.

The setting of my world is a post-apocalyptic Earth (present time). Living beings have to be evacuated to an underwater city (Chiasm) that has been hidden from the rest of the civilizatin since the 17 hundreds (the city was built by humans of superior intelligence so they are much, much more advanced than we are). Only one of my characters, Clover, is native to Chiasm. There is an organization known as the Adept Society (AS) founded by a man named Shietzein (yes, he is based on Nietzsche). The object of this organization is to create a perfect human race; it is frowned upon by most of the society, but it is run illegally for many years. When Chiasm recieves a new ruler, a corrupt man, he (who will continue to remain nameless) begins to fund The AS in secret (this is all in the past, before the plot begins). At first the AS only tests on animals, but at some point Shietzein beins to abduct the homeless, orphans, basically anyone who is in a position where if they are taken no one will ever notice. The new ruler is completely aware of his actions but considers it a help. He wants his kingdom to be a grand place, getting rid of "the lower life", as he calls it, is an advantage. If you are wondering, the way this man became a ruler, is by deceiving the public to believe his children are literally God's messengers (meaning they can speak one on one with God. I think I should address, if I did not make it clear, that these titles are lies). The ruler is a sexist, abusive, narcissist. His wife is not much better, she is very selfish and deceiving. I do make a point, though, to make it clear that she has  had a very unhappy life. One of the reasons for this is that she has trouble having children, which is why it is such a dissapointment when she has twin daughters (the problem is, neither of them believe a woman should have much power, which by giving them the title of  Seraphim they would receive. The name Cherubim is what I refer to the God's messengers as. By calling them Seraphim they are still a Cherubim; the title just means they have more power over the people, just as a king has more power than a queen). They decide that whichever child is healthier will be posed as a boy, to be The Seraphim ( because it was unlikely the ruler's wife would be able to have children again ). Between the two, Clover (yes, my previously mentioned character) and Zora, Clover is the healthiest.

I would explain more but if I go any farther I may never stop (THIS IS NOT EVEN THE PLOT).

Wow, mine seem really simple & romantic after that.  They are pretty much celebrity-driven romance novels, some times with interesting historical settings.

I know what you mean, Greyartist, I feel like it should be a good time when I'm no longer driven by some(one), but I also get fidgety or emotionally kind of numb.  I'm sure that's not a good thing, but it drives me to find some one/DD new to latch onto.

@littleschrodinger'scat: I wish your DD was a book, cuz I'd be reading it. o__o


I don't have a strong DD going on for my main characters (a simple romantic gay couple) at the moment. But I have been brainstorming ideas for my fanfic and find myself daydreaming about it now. A boy who used to live a normal life in the modern world suddenly wakes up in the Middle Ages, where the members of his family (mostly cousins) are kings, nobles, peasants, and slaves. They don't seem to remember him, and their personalities are very different. In the end, he must defeat the king, his most hated cousin back in his world, in order to return to it. And there's lots of family drama! Lol.

Wow, these all sound really interesting.
At the moment I am on my Sons of Anarchy DD.  Really bad one at the moment, as in my DD I am involved with the character of Juice, have been for a few years now, but if any of you watch this, you will know what is happening to his character at the moment, and it is actually turning me into a nervous wreck.  I have to keep rewriting the plotline to fit me in, with how the show is progressing so it makes sense, within the context of the show.
Death, where did you get the name.  I won't be offended if you don't feel like answering.  I'm just curious.
It's a quote from Buffy.  

roxanne said:
Death, where did you get the name.  I won't be offended if you don't feel like answering.  I'm just curious.

Ok, are you sure you want to know? I’ll keep it simple without a bunch of details.

In my DD world I work for the NSHA, National Society of Historical Accuracy. It is a group that travels back in time to observe events then correct history books. There are control centers where the time jumps happen and each center has a team of agents and a controller. I am always an agent in my DDs.

In my current DD I jumped to 17th century Scotland and while there met a tall, dark, and handsome highlander and had a romance before completing my mission and returning. After returning I later began dating my controller Caleb. Then a stalker started contacting me. In trying to find out who the stalker might be I met one of the other controllers, Luke. Turns out he is the guy from Scotland!! He was in the same jump zone checking on one of his agents when we met. So now we have anger, I’m anger at Luke for not telling me who he was, Caleb’s anger with Luke for seducing an agent in the field and anger with me for breaking the company rule of no involvement in the field. Luke’s anger for being found out and that I am now dating his friend. And we have danger, still having not found out who the stalker is….and the story continues.

I am in love with this plot.  It would make an awesome T.V. series.  I would watch it every week.

 It also reminds me of Outlander series, that I love.  Claire, from the present, travels back in time to Scotland in 1700's and falls in love with Jamie Frazier, charismatic outlaw Highlander.  I go on their website occasionally & there are tons of people and tons of different threads.  But most of them deal with who will play Jamie in movie - Gerard Butler is current favorite.  The way they talk about him makes me wonder if there are any MD'ers, but I guess this is just "normal" people DD'ing.  

Hyperhero, just coincidence because I didn't read your thread until after my current DD plot had already started.

Roxanne I have read the outlander book, well listened to the outlander book. It did fuel many DDs and still flavers some in spots. :) I've seen allot of those threads on making it into a movie and who would play Jamie. I think Gerard would make a better Dugel then a Jamie.

my daydream is about a band that doesn't want to become famous but eventually does, and all of the friends they have and the people they meet etc.

it takes place in like... the early 90s. xD i'm only 14 and i'm not old enough to actually remember the 90s but i love the 90s a lot and i listen to a lot of 90s music, so that's probably why my daydream takes place then. xD

i sort of have two separate daydreams in one.

the first daydream is the one i just described, and the second daydream has the same characters, except it takes place now and it's about the old characters' children. (except they're not little kids, they're teenagers)

i daydream about both of them. and i have been for 2 years. o:

if i go into any more detail about the plot and the characters i'd be telling you way too much and i would go on forever and ever and yeah. hahaha

i used to have another daydream story with different characters and everything but it was really dumb so i'm not even going to tell you about it hahaha.


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