I know I ask a lot of  things in my discussions but I'm curious, what is your biggest trigger? Mine is definitely music, anytime I listen to music I jump up a little while later and begin daydreaming, usually with it still playing from my iHome. Lately now though I use my big over-ear headphones and relax.

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Music, and anything I hear, see, or learn involving a certain country that has been the setting of my daydreams since age 11. (I can't give away the country though - it's kind of a secret :P)
Music,Movies and Tv, computer And life.



I`ll be reading or watching tv or I hear someone in public say something that triggers a memory. then i start thinking about that, then fall into day dreaming.

long car rides... but 99% of the time its music. Its been years since ive been able to put headphones in my ears without daydreaming. Even if i dont try i somehow find myself slipped into a daydream.
Definitely music.

It's not Japan. But interesting guess!

Here a hint, though: the book and movie Trainspotting have inspired a few characters.

TJ said:

@DayglotterIvy: lemme guess it...... Japan.

I guess music must be a big one for everyone. :)


I'm writing another daydream story out at the moment, and music helps spark my creativity so much.

any kind of fiction - books, movies, tv shows. Sometimes I'll put down a book in the middle of a sentence because a line has triggered a daydream. Mostly music, though.
Really anything related to fiction, but music is a biggy for me too. Also, when I'm not preoccupied. The moment I stop doing something so I'm just sitting there, the moment my mind leaves.
Seriously? Anything.anthing that intrigues me
say for instance if im listening to beyonce all of sudden i go into a fantasy of where im her on stage and im the one performing the song.
Omg rocking chairs... love them for daydreaming...

Marka said:

Music, and Rocking chairs...

There are other things that influence me, but those two are my major triggers.


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