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I have suffered maladaptive daydreaming since I was five years old. I would never tell my parents because it scares me, however i mentioned to my mother if she knows about this illness and if she heard about it she said she heard about it a long time ago since before I was born. I'm seventeen now. I'm really confused, because I have learned from research that Dr. Somer had recently discovered it like in the years of 2000. This means that MD has been known about for a while yet not enough research was done. I really want to know what we have in common as Maladaptive Daydreamers. I believe this may be helpful to each other and this may even help with research in the future.

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I find it very hard to move on with my story, if i don't have the details right. I don't usually worry about details in real life, but in my daydream it has to be right.

I also feel like after I daydream i feel so much hyper and I feel like I have so much adrenaline. It gives me a lot of energy. 

I suspect that a lot of people with MD are creative types. Artists of some sort. Even if they didn't pursue that as a career. Many have suffered some sort of childhood trauma. These are my guesses, just based on really limited observation. I've known I had MD for almost 8 years now. But I didn't study it and I haven't spent a lot of time on this site. But that's a guess. Wild Guess from a Wild Mind ;-)

Can you stop the dreams?

If my MD gets really bad and I get attached then I get major anxiety and it's hard to leave the house and go into the world. 

It's usually the worst in summer  because i'm an only child and left alone to think a lot. 

I've had it since I was young but didn't become a problem to everyday life till high school. 

Usually my MD is fantasy world based and comes from movies or books that are a series

A lot of times I have to have music to go long with my MD or else I can't think it through straight

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