You know with all this MD and Hyperfocus, I say they can be a bothersome. cant  focus long enough on one thing or thinking about everything all the time. But  I do enjoy sharing  some creative ideas with fellow MDers and Thinkers alike. How Profound Is ur conversations?                Short story   ...

I ran into an old friend whom I haven't seen in a while. he also has MD. We talked for hours , as we always did,  about some of our ideas that could change the world or so we thought. Our talk was like some secret mission we were planning  to deploy in the future. The conversation was so intense sometimes we would start sketching  drafts and Quickly silenced ourselves as people walked by like they wanted to drop ease....hehehe. Then we went on even deeper into the conversation thinking we've got something and we needed to protect it at all cost. carefully looking around make sure no one watching.

   later that night, I receive a phone call from my friend said he couldn't stop thinking. And Here we go again, the conversation flared up however this time we had to use some codes to talk on the phone/ Text. Silly when I think about it. But our minds were just thinking of ideas which if we had the skills and knowledge, I believe we would of Created it. For Now our Minds are free to think and dreams whatever we want. 


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It would be very interesting to have a friend with MD to talk to.

I agree.  Although this site fills in pretty well.

Hopefully we can have an MD  Gathering in the Near future.     Let's start a trend NOW...

It must be fantastic to have a friend with MD.


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