Hey everyone :D it is my first post here even I did put a profile picture yet

What I want to talk about is  progress ..I mean we all waste much time daydreaming sometimes skip meals ,sometimes appear to be careless in real life even when we really care and honestly I don't know the end of that struggle ?? So have anyone made progress and lead his life and could control his DD ?because I don't want to be detached from real life I wonna live with all my soul awakened ..is it possible ? U knw what I don't want to be author of a book or a film maker or even write my DD stories so maybe that not help me except i changed my mind a little whenI saw a post contained the someone DD characters and it was so good but I don't know if it really helps to write DD down ? I wonna knw about the progress we can make ..the success ..and what helps ? A goal ..planning ...and even u didn't overcome ? What is the things that gives u hope ..build you maybe make u continue  :D make u stronger and not feeling empty doing nothing but DD 

I m really happy talking to ppl wz similar stories so I want hear u re creative (although we are :D)  or u re crazy XD as u all knw the issues and luv u all :) wonna hear from u and happy new year to all of u ...hope we not get soon in troubles XD 

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Is watching TV an obstacle? well it can be. Is surfing the cellphone an obstacle.. i think yu know where i am headed with this.

You used the words 'progress' and 'overcome'. lets get something straight this isnt a disease. and the constant flow of new members shows that it isnt all that uncommon. Everyone daydreams, like everyone. You and I and some of us here are somehow more prone to being adrift in our dreamland. well being imaginative is tricky.

Keep a journal, it keeps your mind and hands busy. That will help alot. Keep the door open, only listen to the radio and not to specfic playlists. Get out of bed if you've been laying on it for more than 30 minutes and are still awake. Do yoga or workout so that you are naturally tired and can fall asleep when you hit the pillow.

Yeah MDDers just like ordinary folks have goals. You should too

Aquarius has some great avice there!

People call me creative. And I'm definetly crazy :p Happy new year to you too!

I write, but not to end the daydreaming. Simply because I want to share my daydreams with the world. I don't see how it would make it stop, but if others say it does. Why would I doubt them? Personally I hope it won't make it stop or my writing carreer is doomed hahaha. Anyways I always support expressing yourself in whatever ways. Art is good. :)

I also think that planning and set yourself some goal is very helpful.

I found out that there are is a way of planning  that is better than other and I'd like to share it with you, because it's really helpful (probably some of you already do it). I learnt it when I was in therapy for anxiety and depression.

Basically, you set a list of things to do for the next day or week, as you prefer, but you have to quantify the amount of time to spend for each activity, NOT the result.

For example, if you're a student, you'll have to write down in your diary "10.00 o'clock - study two hours", NOT "study five chapters of the book". That's because it is more achievable, and you'll feel that you'll have always reached your goal anyway, and therefore, more satisfied with yourself. 

Plan everything. Clean the house, walk the dog, grocery shopping, ect. If something goes wrong and you can' finish or do a planned activity, just leave it and go on with the next one. Re-plan it for another time. If you finish something earlier, you'll have some spare time for your self. Tick proudly your list of things done and be satisfied with yourself.

I found it really helpful and when I manage to stick on my agenda and so many things I feel that my day had a sense.

Feel the sense of achievement.


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