Anyone ever hear a song that fits to your DW perfectly? I found one 2 hours ago. I've paced ever since. I had to stop myself, though. Pacing in circles with music blaring in your ears can really make you dizzy....Anyways, the song was Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. I found a different song that describes MDD perfectly. It's called My Room by the Beach Boys. I feel like they wrote that song for MDDers! Though it wasn't recognized by anyone at the time, maybe one of the band members was an MDDer...I probably just got my hopes up. So my question is: Does anyone find a song that relates to your DW so perfectly....What is the name of the song?

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YES! I love it! Mine is,"when you were young" by the killers. Its been stuck in my head since the day i heard it :)
It's ironic that you posted this, because 2 nights ago, I came across a piano cover of this song that I love very much, and it was so powerful that it sent me into very intense, heavy daydreams, and I ended up crying on the floor from the emotion of it all. Music is very powerful, and it DEFINITELY affects my daydreams!

Click here to hear "Gravity of Love," the original song I love:
Click here to hear piano cover of "Gravity of Love" that caused vivid, intense daydreams:

If anyone who reads this and decides to check these songs out, I don't know if they'll have the same affect on you as they did on me. :/ Even if they don't, I hope you enjoy, anyway! I love Enigma's music. Sooo beautiful. Xx

I found a few songs that fit my DD, such as 'Part of Me' and 'Stronger'

I can't think of a specific song that describes my DD, usually I listen to different types of music and my DD can be influenced by the feeling of the song I am listening to. I found a song that fits DDs in general- "evanescence- imaginary" and indeed "radioactive" gives me some kind of a dreamy feeling.


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