Ever since I was little, I was never a person to "take risks". I was always scared of what could

happen and cautious of all my surroundings. I wouldn't always not do things out of fear, too. I

realized today that it was  my MD that caused me to not want to have experiences. For

things that scared me (such as jumping into a  lake or  riding roller coasters) would be because of

the scenarios i would daydream about. Someone jumped into a lake and got eaten by a huge

sea monster or the rollercoaster would fall off the rails and carry everyone onboard into the sun...

 yeah, pretty irrational but always in my head no matter what. But for experiences like going places

or "fun" things i wouldn't do because what is the point? I subconsciously think:I can just imagine

someone doing that and besides,much cooler things are happening in my head.  Does anyone else do

things similar?

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