Hi, I experience after daydreaming extreme headache and i feel dead like i have no emotions and no personality, like i am a dead body. And i see fog before my eyes, I cant see very good. Is this normal? Or are this also from schizofrenic symptoms?

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It’s been a while since I did this (my MD is mild now), but I used to daydream for hours at a time sometimes. Afterward, I’d feel dizzy. I’d also have trouble seeing. I can’t remember if my vision would actually get blurry—it was more like my brain couldn’t figure out which things in my field of vision to focus on. I’d feel tired, too, but it wasn’t like I was sleepy or my muscles were sore—it was more like the kind of tired you get from overeating. A couple of times I got dehydrated because I didn’t remember to drink water during the daydream.

Yeah, my MD is better, but it did something to my body. I didn't reconcile that I spent 14 years slumped over a desk at my computer, working online. It is hell rolling out of bed in the morning. I get severe sleep inertia that lasts for hours. My neck and upper back hurts quite bad. Even my breathing is slow and uneven. It's as if I didn't exercise ever for a long time, nor socialize much in my life. Just sat at one place at all times. I realize that while I was in an MD state, I ignored my physical health entirely. In fact, I have the health of a much older person who smokes. It's actually awful. I have trouble maneuvering around the house, and have trouble concentrating on anything. I wish that I took more care of myself when I was younger, so I wouldn't be crying today. 

Yes its true there are symptomen I recognize the last one: And i see fog before my eyes!! Like you are there but not haring everything!! You ask your self what did they just say??? What are they talking about??? You feel disconnect, like not completely there but you are there!


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