Hi, I experience after daydreaming extreme headache and i feel dead like i have no emotions and no personality, like i am a dead body. And i see fog before my eyes, I cant see very good. Is this normal? Or are this also from schizofrenic symptoms?

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Being a former daydreamer, my eyes used to look dazed or bleary. My head felt like it was fuzzy, or a warm, thick, pleasurable, misty sensation, or the feeling of going through a washing machine. Daydreaming also made me talk out loud and laugh at nothing. Since I stopped daydreaming, my head cleared out and I began to make sense. I was always the same person with emotions and a conscience, dreaming or no dreaming. If you do think you're schizophrenic, I suggest you seek medical help. 

Hi. Have you really managed to stop day dreaming completely? If so, how long has it been since your last day dream?As for myself, at one point in my life, I had stopped day dreaming completely, but the symptoms recurred when I was entertaining the triggers, for example, listening to music. They were no as intense as before but they recurred. Even these days i get the episodes, but they were much more intense when i was a teenager. I really lost hope in there ever being a cure. I figured that I have to deal with it all my life. 

I totally get what you mean. I used to feel this way. I used to get headaches. I used to feel drained, like a dead body. I used to feel as if I have no emotions. I used to feel horrible. I never got the fog though. But these symptoms occur if you day dream for a very long time.

Music is a trigger and so are excitable films. Apparently I couldn't completely quit MD. Still to this day, when a song comes on the radio, my mind suddenly gets distracted, and I stop paying attention to anything. I must admit, I've had people get worked up and unsettled, even mad, all because I didn't listen up. It makes me feel bad. 

To be honest, after I stopped daydreaming like I have before, I have no inclination as to who I am as a person. I never found out who I was  through friends, relationships and life experiences. I suddenly felt all blank and void, like an unwritten book. And I still have no idea who I am today. I didn't pay attention to life. I missed out on bonding with people and having a real relationship, because I had an affair with my dream worlds. Now I'm very upset about it. What the hell was I thinking? Everything I ever wanted to experience in my life...I sabotaged all for silly dreams. Now I have to start over from scratch. 

I hope you can find a way to move forward with a new approach to realize your dreams.  We all make mistakes in life and have regrets over decisions we made.  The important thing is to take action when we can to correct it.  I recently made quite a few  changes regarding my health and fitness.  I had put it on tne back burner for a few years. I’ve made considerable progress and am anxious to regain my fitness.  I used to run 3-5 mikes a day 5-6 days per week.  I hope to return to daily walking at least.  It’s too hot for outside though. I’m on a treadmill.  

I’ve also learned that everybody has some kind of secret or insecurity.  Having MDD isn’t the worst thing in the world  to me. It’s helped me through some tough times.  I have to trust that I can let it alone as I take steps without it.  I recently spent time with friends and actually bonded with them in such a special way.  It was awesome and reassuring.  I say it’s never too late to be a friend.  

It's a scorcher where I live, hot and humid. Yeah, I kept MDD a secret just for protection, because I've met many people who strongly reacted to my deaf ears and short attention span. Currently, I have no friends, but that might change someday. I think it's because I haven't worked, nor socialized over the pandemic. Also, I let go of old emotional baggage, thank god! That held me down for a while, and it sucked. Pardon, my background was a bit poignant. 

I can't say if my dreams were bogus. When I was young, I thought my dreams were guiding me towards what I wanted to see. But nothing ever happened. So I wonder if I dreamed too much, and should've focused on real plans. I'm stunned at how much things just didn't materialize. I honestly didn't see the future that I wanted. Maybe I did nothing about it—I guess. I scratch my head and look at what I did. If only I stopped myself well in advance, woke up, and smelled the samosas. But I wasn't that clever. I just wanted to see what was up the road. And I believed things do come to you. In reality, they don't. You make it happen, obviously. Nobody cares about your satisfaction but you. Thing is I expect people to know how I feel, they don't. My fails are my own problem. It was my fault that I didn't make my life a better place. 

I feel a bit sick depending on how many hours I've been daydreaming and I feel extremely tired.

I use to dream often, but realized it doesn't solve my problems and guarantee things will get better. They don't get better, unless you work extremely hard at this. And the real world is brute. Nobody honestly cares about our satisfaction and what we want, and why we dream. I learned this the hard way as an adult, especially when my life looked very embarrassing during the pandemic. Don't fall into this trap, and you'll see what I mean down the road. When I was a young kid, I didn't know any better, now I'm practically sorry I ever started MD. It winded me down a certain path I didn't mean to take—It's hard to step out of. I say this because a family member found out about my MD, and our relationship wasn't the same since. So my life decisions got effected. 

If this habit is making you sick and extremely tired, I'd seek professional guidance. 

I don’t daydream for more than an hour at a time anymore, but it used to be that I would daydream almost all day. After a particularly vivid daydream, I’d feel nauseous, overstimulated, tired, and dizzy.
I think I’d also have blurry vision like you’re describing, but I’m not sure.


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