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Ning has offered a lot of new features since I first started this site over a year ago.  It's in my nature to be very cautious against change, but I thought I would give you guys a place where you can voice your opinion.  Everyone is able to change their individual page themes.  Are there any that you like better?  Do you like this one, or would you rather I change it?  What about the colors?  I'll only change if a bunch of people are in favor of it because I really don't want to cause a drastic change without warning people and making sure they're ok with it.  Are there other things you would change?  What features do you like the most?  Are there some you think aren't necessary?  You can message me directly your input or post it here.  I want this place to be a fun place to hang out and a safe place to express whatever you'd like.  :)


Also, I know I can be kind of cranky sometimes.  I hope no one takes this personally.  I just use this place as a safe place for me to vent and scream as well.  We all need to do that sometimes.  I really appreciate all my site members.  You guys inspire me with your kindness and creativity every day.  

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I think the site is absolutely fantastic.  I feel like it's a place where I can think out loud.  I can't think of any changes.  Any chance of getting Dr. Schupak as a " guest lecturer"  here?  I'm curious about the default mode/prefrontal cortex theory.  And how daydreaming is similar to other altered states such as meditation, runner's high, dreaming.  Thanks again, Cordellia. 
Thanks!  That's really nice to hear.  I know she's pretty busy working on the study, but I'll ask.  She actually has a profile here, but I don't think she stops by very often.  I can email her though.  :)

Thanks for providing us with a safe place to chat and share our experiences, the website is great!  The people are wonderful, the layout is easy to navigate, and the colors are calming.  Nothing to change there.


I agree with Anette about the sharing via Facebook and Twitter thing.  Only two people outside of this site know, my counselor and my fiance.  I have some people on Facebook that really don't need to know.  Its unlikely, but I'd prefer to err on the side of caution.


The only other improvement I can think of is a section for articles or links.  I notice that you post links to new members quite often.  Would it be possible to have those in a section here?

Interesting. I'm not sure if there's a way to disable twitter and facebook abilities, but there are ways to protect your privacy. I believe there's a way to make your profile only viewable to members under privacy settings. I think the easiest way is just to have a made-up name, so nobody could know who you are even if they do see your posts. You can also make your blogs private if you don't want anyone but you or your friends on here to view them. Those are just some quick thoughts. I'm trying to think where I could add a links section. There must be a way somewhere. I'll look into it. Thanks for the feedback!
I'm becoming familiar with the site and I haven't encountered any problems.  Thank you for having this site.  I need this very much.

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