hey every one after doing some research on daydreaming i have concluded that the people who have this problem actually suffer from low self esteem  because of which they create a fantasy world where they a respected by others where they don't feel they are not good at anything ,,,,,,,,,,,SO i want you people to tell that do you have low self   esteem or not ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

plz start your comment by saying yes or no then in the next line continue your comment

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no.........., MD manifests differently in different people. I did not create a fantasy world where I am respected, my DDs are intrusive thoughts not of my own creation.

No, I have a very well developed self esteem.

My self esteem is pretty good. There have been periods where it wasn't great (mainly during adolescence) but now I'd say I'm pretty confident in myself. My daydream world began when I was at least 3-4 years old, when the concept of self-esteem and confidence didn't apply. My daydream world often came out of my head so I would see,hear and interact with it. This has made it so my whole life has been a mash up of fantasy and reality (I'm not schizophrenic although I do have a lot of complex mental health issues other than MD)

I believe my brain is simply wired different. That's it.

if only it were that simple...


but even after I gain high self esteem, I still want to continue daydreaming (maybe 30 min max a day while writing a novel). I don't want to lose my imagination.

I have a low self esteem, but I had MDD even when my self esteem was high.

Yes. There is no question about it. The female character in my daydreams looks like I want to look like, is good at things I wish I were good at, and is found attractive by men I wish found me attractive. 

RexFeral said:

No. MD is different for different people and its causes are also different for each person. No one can say what the one root cause is because each person has a different cause, sometimes known to them and sometimes not. 

i did not create my world for respect, etc. I had no say in the world that was created from MD. It just became the way it is.

I think the root cause of MD is being highly imaginative and having to be subjected to a hostile or uncomfortable environment along with feeling unhappy, and alone in real life. In my case I was always kind of dreamy and absent-minded to begin with, but around the 5th grade, I was starting to get severely teased, bullied and ridiculed. This was seemingly endless and would continue all the way until around my junior year in high school. I was very depressed and started to feel that the world was a cruel and hostile place where no matter where I went people hated me. This is what caused my daydreams to get stronger and all-encompassing. When I felt rejected, unloved and worthless, I just wanted to escape into a world where I had everything I wanted. I wanted to fantasize about what it was like actually to be respected and liked by people.

As a teen, I had extremely low self esteem and felt quite worthless and inferior. I felt like I wanted to be someone else. I would fantasize about being a fantasy version of myself who is an important positive, inspirational and influential figure in society like an activist, musician, or writer. I also created a character based on this fantasy self, who is a magical knight with mystical powers who goes on quests to fight against evil.

By the time I started college I basically created an entire world of characters, situations and ideas that is basically existing as a parallel universe that I can visit at any time. This is when I was at my worst. I felt even more empty than I had ever felt. I had more and more anxiety and fear around people that I would avoid having anything to do with them altogether, which caused me to be completely alone and friendless once again.

So basically MD is what happens to people with overactive minds, who are subjected to the worst things in life and become so depressed, frustrated and fearful of the world that they begin to create their own.

It's not that simple for me. Yes, I do have some issues with low self-confidence, but I developed MDD prior to this.


MD is rooted in many qualities, and daydreamers may have a few or all of them. The ones I notice:

low self esteem often

a solitary inner life of creativity.

the need, for whatever reason, to control one's own perception of their life by manipulating it to their liking.

the need for emotional connection that cannot be found in one's life.

fear of judgement that comes from being one's true self in the outside world.

impatience and idealism that grasps at temporary relief to bigger problems (which in turn causes the escapism)


That definitely applies to me, but I also think there's more to it.


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