Are your imaginary people real people in the world or characters you made up?

Are your characters famous people?  You create your world to be their special someone? 

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All my characters are made-up by me.  They sometimes interact with real people, but those people never become characters.  They just meet for the occasional party or something.  

They're usually characters I made up or characters from (fictional) books, movies, or TV shows. Well, sometimes I'll use people from history. For example, once I daydreamed that one of my characters made a time machine that brought both Alexander the Great and Napoleon to the present at the same time and they got into an argument about who was better at conquering stuff. Then they declared war on each other, but realized that it wouldn't work because their armies were stuck in the past and were hundreds of years apart anyways. Then they both fell into a giant bowl of salad (REALLY long story).

The only real people I use in my daydreams are my parents. They're in my daydreams because I'm 15, and my character is the exact same person as me (except a different species), so it wouldn't really make sense for them to not be there. They act differently than they do in real life, though (if they acted the same way as they would in real life the story wouldn't really work).

Mine are completely made up.  I am not present at all.

I'm present in my fantasy world as an idealized version of myself, but other than that, all my actual characters (aside from the occasional guest appearance by a real person) are made up.  

This is really interesting.  Everyone is so different.  I love it!

I'm in my daydreams too, but as another species that doesn't really exist. I suppose you could say I'm an idealized version of myself. This is because sometimes my character talks about real-life events that have happened in my past, but explains some of the things that happened by saying it was just because I was another species. For example, in real life, during my childhood I acted extremely different from other kids (and was often bullied for it). For my character, this is explained by the fact that her species has a different brain structure, and she is just a typical example of what happens when someone of her species is forced to live in a human society. In real life, I don't know why I was never capable of acting normal. It was probably in part due to my MD, but I'm not sure what the rest of the story is. That's actually part of why my character is me but another species--when I was 10 I actually went through a phase where I thought I was only half human and half something else (I couldn't decide what) because I didn't feel similar enough to any people to even be a part of the same species. Sorry if this is rather depressing. (Don't worry, everything's fine now. Over the years I've actually started to really like being different.)

well my characters are famous people and i create my own world with them :P its so interesting to read everyone's perspective. 

I tend to daydream about famous people, but honestly I have adjusted their personalities to fit their roles in my daydreams.

dont use real people form your life it will ruin ur real life

I DD famous people and sometimes TV characters. I wish I didn't leads to all sorts of hurt.

In my DD I imagine myself as my alter ego, and she has a relationship with one particular famous person and obviously I tweak his life to suit my DD. But when I find out things about him in real life, like girlfriends or whatnot, it can feel totally devastating, because to me he belongs with my alter ego. That sounds so nuts I know.

I have a whole life history for my alter ego, with lots of things happening to her, but she always ends up with this one particular famous person. I mainly DD of their life together and the ups and down of that. But I try to keep it rooted in reality, so follow what goes on in the famous persons real life too. Sucks!

Would be better to make up characters for sure.

The characters in my dreams are fictional. I have made up a whole community with them. These characters have stemmed from the characters  from movies, books and TV series. I do not have real people in it. But if i see a  personality i like in real world, i add that quality to  one of my existing characters.

Even my own self is represented by a fictional character. I have a different face, name, i live in a different country and  (LOL) came from some other planet.

My characters are all made up by me...but every now and then someone real makes an appearance. I live as my alter ego and have an imaginary boyfriend-no one famous though. When I was younger I never really left the house much because my parents are so overprotective so I would DD about going to real-world places with my characters, like going to famous band concerts and places around the world I longed to visit. But I've never really cared much about celebs or sports figures.


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