sometime random phrases just pop in my head. I also notice it's when I'm super stressed out. Like I was taking an exam and the phrase it happened came to me and I'm like huh? Or sometimes it's even more random like I'll be walking down the street and then the word oatmeal comes to me. The sad thing that I started stressing out about it and it's gotten worse. I know when I don't stress out it stops but I just can't! 

Does anyone else get this or am I just losing my mind?

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I do this.  There is a particular list of phrases that pop up for me...completely devoid of context.  Sometimes I find myself saying the aloud, even though there is no "scene" in my daydream that matches them.

I get this too. Sometimes I find my mind repeating certain words or phrases as if someone beamed them into my head over and over again. Kind of like OCD. I try not to pay attention to these thoughts, try to dissociate myself from them. I am not the thoughts, I am the consciousness.

Yepp I do too it's so weird.

I had pictures flashing in my mind without meaning. I guess everyone experience one of other form of this kind of meaningless small thought, like the stupid child song playing again and again in your mind.  The less attention you pay to them the quicker they disappear.

i do that. but its always negative words. like i will say "your so ******* stupid go die" in my head to myself and it really sucks. theyre always stupid mean comments to myself.

Oh boy, I've noticed this happening lately, and I mean I just became aware of it, but it has been going on for a while.

I think for me it comes as a filler or "default" thing to think of for a few seconds when I can't focus on anything and I'm stressed, or my brain tries to rest, as I get freaked out about silence and quietness in my head (though I so need it cos's it's crazy in my head). The preferred words come and go but they work the same way. Normaly it's just one single o a two word combination thing, but lately it's "I am a robot. My name is Desmond". It's so ridiculous and it doesn't even make sense, I have no idea of where it came from and why... But I can't help it, it just pops in my head like "bam", out of nowhere.

yeah, this happens to me too for some reason O.0

Once I was having some sort of panic attack and this super-creepy quote about Ares from Edith Hamilton's "Mythology" suddenly started playing in my head. "The Goddess of War, Enyo...walks beside him, and with her are Terror and Trembling and Panic. As they move, the voice of groaning arises behind them and the earth streams with blood." O_O
I can sometimes come up with the worse puns conceived by mankind just from my daydream dialogues. I don't use them too much in real life, but when I do it really shows :).


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