Do you consider daydreaming procrastination or actual productive time?

I have been thinking about this for quite a while. It's not like we're doodeling time away stalking people on facebook (or maybe we do for research :) ). We're doing hard creative work in our minds and we are experts in our field. Right?

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Well if I'm knowingly putting something important aside to daydream bc I don't wanna do it then yes I see it as procrastination. However I have been a procrastination queen my entire life and managing to handle my life decently so I count it as being productive mostly bc I need my me time anyways to gather myself before handling another life situation and it gives me time to think. It can be a very good thing if we manage it well.

I would say 5% (or less) is productive, the rest is often procrastination

I would say sometimes procrastination, because I might daydream instead of paying attention in class. I would also say sometimes productive, because I often make art based on my daydreams. It's usually neither, though.

Right, we are experts in our field. Usually intense concentration and focus on one particular area or topic will launch a daydream. Time is distorted in such away that the subject can be evaluated with a new unique perspective. However liberating as it may be, it is important to drop an anchor now and then so as not to drift off without a keel. If you are not on the sea are you on the land or in the air? Daydreams are questions when we don't know who to ask or when we can not find the answer through traditional means. Action and physical response is a production of the thought process. Who is to say the thought unexpressed is more or less important, correct or incorrect, or if any action is required?

I often daydream about improving myself. I want to be a expert programmer, thinker, innovator. I daydream about a strict routine of brain games in the morning, physical exercise, intense practice, taking courses with MIT's free online class archive, etc. I watch myself progress over the months, daydreaming the routine I wish I had. Then, the next (real) night, I say "I need to do this for real, but it's late so I can just daydream about it tonight and start tomorrow". Cycle, same thing every day. I never move.

Well yeahh but no cause like i can't do anything productive all day except that like i would literally put anything aside so i could daydream, so it's mostly procrastination for me...i got to the point where i don't even care or worry about the things i put aside my only concern is it's not much productive for me...i donno maybe just a little...

In public social situations I always feel like I'm on the outside looking in. I hardly ever make a connection I am comfortable with. I naturally prefer action over verbal communication. I've heard it speaks louder. I respond better to motion than to words. My mind is sharp and my imagination is extremely active. It does not require the same type of energy consumption as physical movement. My thoughts and feelings can travel faster further and in less time. My dreams are a creative production of my mind. I don't believe thinking is a waste of time or procrastination.


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