Hello, everyone, my name is Orlando Olivo. I am new to this group. I found this group through a article that i have red. I have always had this condition since i was a child. And i fell that this condition has held me back in life. I feel like i have not accomplish anything in life due to my mind always wondering. The article that i red spoke about a person that i could relate to. I use to tear up news papers to shake them up and down and pretend that i was a different person everyday. Still to this day. I am in a different world everyday.  I do not know if this mind wondering is a curse or a blessing. I hope that this group is still active. Hope to meet new people who are like me. 

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Dear Orlando, 

Maladaptive daydreaming is quite different from mind wondering or imagining another life.

An easy way to understand it is this: imagine having Netflix inside your head, and having an addiction to it.

You have one or more favorite shows, and you play it for months or years, sometimes you alternate with something else or change it when the story doesn't thrill you anymore as it used to. That is maladaptive daydreaming.


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