I was just wondering about what Myers-Briggs types you all were, so could you please tell me:

What type you are (you can take the quiz here http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp ).

Is your current alter ego, daydream self, main character, whatever you call a yourself or an idealized version of yourself.

And what Myers-Briggs your main character is.

This isn't really for anything except that I'm curious.  I'm an INFP, my main character is not myself, and she is an ISTP.

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ENFJ is me. My main characters usually follow my personality traits.

I'm INFJ, my main character is INTJ/ISTJ depending on the test. I can't seem to be characters with extraverted traits.

I'm an INFP, and I scored as high as possible on the introvert scale. I suspect that I would have had an active imagination even if I had grown up in an emotionally healthy environment.

My main character is an INFP, but I think she's much more open than I am. She can be more outgoing and aggressive than I am. I suspect she may be more ENFP.

I'm an INFP too!

My have two main characters, one is an ENFP and the other one is ISFJ.

There's a lot of variations actually :/ since they're the ideal

This is really interesting! I've never thought of comparing myself to my DD character like this.

I am INTJ, my character is currently INFJ.

When I was younger, she was much more extroverted, and a lot tougher. As I got older, and maybe accepted myself, she became more like me (strength in intelligence). The biggest difference is she is still much more proactive than I am (hence the feeling over thinking). I have to rationalize everything and I'm more reserved, she's much more proactive and a bit bolder.

Curiously, my other recurring main character, usually her love interest, is totally opposite: ESTP.

I'm an INFJ. I daydream as myself, or who I would be in a different situation, so there isn't another character to give you the type for.

I am INTJ. My main character is an idealized version of myself, which is ENTJ.

Cool test, I'm INTP "the logician"... seems reasonable since i'm a computer programmer :P :P

i've taken a lot of these tests and all of them have said that i'm INFP, except for one that said that i'm INTP. i definitely think i identify more with INFP, though.

my main character is not an idealized version of myself at all (for example, he is male and i am female). i think he would be INFP. i do have another character who is somewhat of an idealized version of myself; she is ENTP.

Introvert 100%... ufff..

Non MD-er here, based on that link: INT(J/P). Current alter ego: N/A.

My understanding is that Myers-Briggs is so last Thursday, and the current thing is the Five Dimensions of Personality. (As it happens, just today I did the 5D Personality survey on 23andMe.)

I study Myers-Briggs and a couple other personality systems. I'm a bonafide INFP :P

My alter is an idealized version of myself. I like myself a lot, so she's not all that different. Looks different and is more talented. And yeah, so she's an INFP.


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